Video: The Warriors’ D-League mascot is a dancing sea turtle in sunglasses

, on December 3, 2013 , 3:00PM


Look, I don’t know what to tell you guys. The Santa Cruz Warriors, who are the D-League affiliate of the Golden State Warriors, have a mascot named Mav’Riks — which is a really weird name for a Warriors team, by the way, though I really hope it’s a deep zinger about their 2007 first round upset of the Dallas Mavericks — and it is a sea turtle that wears sunglasses and dances.


And sometimes, the Internet rips a clip of him dancing in silence and it is just magical and not at all unsettling. Have you ever seen a human-sized turtle with such graceful moves that appear to be inspired by complete silence (even though we know there has to be music playing)? I don’t think you have, because human-sized sea turtles just aren’t that common these days. I personally haven’t seen one in ages and I’m always looking. Glad to see they’re still around here and there.


(via Seth Bawl)

6 Responses to “Video: The Warriors’ D-League mascot is a dancing sea turtle in sunglasses”

  1. Beau says:

    Mavericks is the name of the big wave surfing area up the coast from Santa Cruz.

  2. Bing says:

    It’s a ninja turtle!!!

  3. nick says:

    do you reckon he’s friends with Poochie the dog?

  4. beyne says:

    It’s actually the old Nawlins Hornets mascot, his career has taken a turn for the worse

  5. Braden says:

    I’ve written an article ranking the Top-10 Greatest NBA Players of all time! Let me know what you all think!

  6. mackie says:

    He’s doing the dance from napoleon dynamite. all it needs is the music added in (which is probably copyright or something).

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