Video: Shirtless flexing Martell Webster videobombs John Wall interview

, on December 2, 2013 , 4:30PM


I thought videobombing had jumped the shark when Chris Bosh threw a towel at LeBron James, but I was wrong. Then I thought it jumped the shark when Mario Chalmers sprayed stuff on Bosh’s neck, but nope. And then again, I thought it was over when Dwyane Wade did a cartwheel behind LeBron. Basically, there have been signs all season long that videobombing has finally past its prime.


But then I saw Martell Webster flexing his well-earned muscles for way too long, and that’s when I knew it was really done. Because once someone tries this hard and can’t even get a laugh out of a group of reporters or the player they’re videobombing, that’s when you know it has reached its peak and is now on the downswing. And that’s exactly why Martell has to awkwardly skulk off.


So let’s just leave this sort of thing to Chris Bosh. He might not have invented the videobomb, but he’s more than perfected it in the professional sports realm, so just let him have it. Besides, it’s more special if he’s the only one doing it. It’ll be like waiting for a comet to come around, only way more funny and probably with its tongue out.


(via Truth About It)

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