Video: Paul Pierce thinks the Nets are a soup

, on October 25, 2013 , 9:00AM


As Tristan Waldock said while recommending this video, “Apparently Truth has been learning his metaphor game from KG.” Because holy smokes is this Paul Pierce soup analogy on part with the Comcast On Demand and cooking rants that Kevin Garnett has gone on in the past.


Or maybe he’s just been attending KG’s dinner parties. I mean, they’re going in to their seventh season together, so I’m guessing they’ve shared more than a few meals. And if that’s the case, they must have talked recipes at some point.


How else can you explain two long-time teammates making the same sort of comparison in two different cities about two different teams besides assuming that a few of their kitchen conversations have bled over in to their professional lives? Nothing else makes nearly as much sense. Don’t forget the salt.

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