Video: J.J. Redick has a strong watch game

, on October 23, 2013 , 5:33PM


We’ve known for a while that J.J. Redick is really in to watches. But it’s not until the internet’s premier watch-talk-abouters, Hodinkee, caught up with him that he was really able to show off his collection.


And that collection, let me tell you, is pretty impressive. From GQ:


I quickly realized that J.J. had an incredible understanding of wristwatches—an understanding that is seldom found in anyone under the age of 65, let alone in a young NBA player from Virginia. The thing is he’s got really, really good taste. Unlike so many of his teammates and colleagues in the NBA, he has chosen to spend his money on truly excellent timepieces of really impressive quality. J.J. wears the types of watches that I would wear, and the type that I study for a living.


He wears an ultra-thin Royal Oak from Audemars Piguet, arguably one of the best watches ever made (it was my first nice watch, in fact, and I still wear it all the time today). He wears an IWC Portuguese with in-house 8 day self-winding movement, a limited-edition driving watch from legendary manufacturer Vacheron Constantin, and even an F.P. Journe!


For those who don’t know what Journe is, that’s kinda the point. This small producer of high-end watches makes about 900 pieces per year (compared to, say Patek who makes around 55,000, or Omega, who makes around 800,000) and is barely known outside the inner horological circles. It’s a real watch guy’s watch, and J.J. Redick, a 29-year-old professional basketball player, owns one. That says a ton about his dedication to watches and his desire to learn.


So basically, any time Redick Instagrams one of his watches — which is fairly often — it’s like Kanye West says: #madrichalert. No surprise, considering he’s inked to a 4-year, $27 million deal, but when your watches are wowing people whose job it is to know about watches, that says something. I don’t know the first thing about watches (that’s a lie, they tell time), but even I’m impressed. Yeah, that’s mostly because some of these timepieces show up in rap songs, but still.


Of course, there is one huge down side to Redick bragging about his watch collection, and that’s that no one is going to buy it when he says the reason he’s late is because he lost track of time. All it takes is a few clicks for Doc Rivers to pull up this video, show it to J.J. and then be like, “Yeah, right” while rolling his eyes.

4 Responses to “Video: J.J. Redick has a strong watch game”

  1. justsaying says:

    so he spent at least 100k total on his watches. I mean i’m sure i can do decent given the money

    • noidea says:

      It’s not the dollars he has spent but the quality of watches and the history that he understands. It’s impressive that a man of such a young age appreciates the history and the prestige of watches that other rich young men don’t get. It’s a collection that wows watches experts.

  2. Jon says:

    Can’t wait for the Chris Paul and JJ to battle over the strength of their watch game:

  3. beyne says:

    Nice watches but they’re d league size.. 38 mm loool

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