Video: Father of the year saves daughter from flying Tony Snell

, on December 12, 2013 , 3:00PM


Not only is this quite the heads up play by whoever this front row dad is, it also comes at the perfect time of year. Because as soon as he shows his wife this clip, his Christmas presents are going to be upgraded quite a bit. First off, he used his valuable courtside seat for his little girl, then he bought her a Metta World Peace hat, and then finally, he saved her life. Or at the very least, kept her teeth intact.


So hello, brand new grill. See ya next year, book he’ll never read. Papa’s living it up this holiday season, one child protecting act at a time.


(via Reddit)

5 Responses to “Video: Father of the year saves daughter from flying Tony Snell”

  1. 'in tack'. says:

    I hope this joke makes it onto the site intact.

  2. brandon says:

    a great dad, great seats, and a great hat? how lucky can one girl be!

  3. Dilla says:

    sweet privileged life. y’all are forgetting the authentic jersey she’s wearing and the fact that she’s dribbling the official NBA ball during an in-game stoppage. must be rough.

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