Video: Dwight Howard sinking free throw after free throw in warmups

, on November 22, 2013 , 9:00AM


I’ve always said that if someone could show me evidence that Dwight Howard shoots 80 percent on free throws in practice, I’d believe it. Well now, thanks to @GregBowie on Twitter, we’ve got the proof.


So now I do believe Dwight Howard can shoot free throws pretty well when they don’t matter, which only makes it weirder that he gets in his own head so much that he can’t even make 50 percent when they actually do count. Things just keep getting more bizarre.

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  1. Bob says:

    Maybe the Toyota Center should pump in “Wake Me Up” whenever Dwight is on the line.

  2. cos says:

    Trey, as an avid audio listen to the daily pod for the last couple of years, I need to ask when and where do we get the listing of the commercial break intro and outro music you guys use for the audio podcast. its great music and i’d like to listen a bit more often.



  3. […] proof that he’s not lying. For those of you who are counting at home, the video above that The Starters passed along shows Howard draining 18 of 20 free throw attempts in warmups before a recent home game. He even […]

  4. Clint Hall says:

    Definitely a head thing, as you mentioned. I know it sounds dumb, but I’ve heard of coaches recommending things like singing to yourself in these situations. It takes your mind off what you’re doing, allowing muscle memory to take over.

    I’m sure he’d feel pretty silly singing at the free throw line on national TV, but probably not as silly as he feels missing free throws.

    Either way, good to see he’s working on it. He’ll turn it around.

  5. bartek says:

    clearly a other motion! in games he throw like a robot. dwight feel the pressure and than he thinks too much…. same blake griffin and deandre jordan. the throw the ball like robots! blake griffins jumper is only a good one when we see 1 motion. he hesitate he miss …. 90% of the jumpers or Ft´s

  6. Rob Dob says:

    1) He’s wearing the tightest shirt possible, and 2) I think it’s pretty obvious there is a little man on top of the backboard dropping the ball in every time he shoots.

  7. […] to @GregBowie for the video, and hat tip to The Starters for the […]

  8. beyne says:

    Yes another DH free throw post!

    But really, it doest m atter if he makes them in practise. His form can’t translate to a real game. Time to shoot granny style

  9. Canadjan eh says:

    The Inner Game of Golf/Tennis explore the interaction between SELF ONE and SELF TWO during execution of slow evolving physical actions, if DH is indeed interfering with his own free throw motion these books may have some relevance.

  10. […] to @GregBowie for the video, and hat tip to The Starters for the […]

  11. […] video, sent in to The Starters, shows Howard sinking 18-of-20 free throws in warmups before a game. Maybe this was a fluke and the […]

  12. Maybe no one remembers this, but Shaq was a terrible FT shooter in games. In practice he could hit a dozen in a row with regularity.
    FT’s are all about concentration and relaxation for any decent player.
    A lot of these big guys get out of the rhythm of the game and choke up.
    During most play they don’t have to think, they only act and react. Once their brains come on line and they feel a little pressure they don’t know what to do.

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