Video: A sea lion kissing Kendrick Perkins

, on March 24, 2014 , 3:00PM


If you’ve ever wondered to yourself what on Earth makes Kendrick Perkins smile, it appears the answer is straight-up kissing. Because between this and his wedding pics, it’s become pretty obvious that the quickest way to a Perkins smile is with a smooch.


I mean, even an NBA title doesn’t get a grin, so it must be just kisses. Should have known. They have a stellar track record when it comes to this sort of thing.


(via Daily Thunder)

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  1. Computersnacks says:

    Perk does enjoy the smooches. Last year or the year before that, Hawks kiss cams would end with a gag that showed two opposing players on the bench and encourage them to kiss for the kiss cam.

    Well, the Thunder were in town, and it zeroed in on Perk and someone else (I don’t remember who) and Perk gave him a smooch on the cheek! Since it’s Atlanta and no one actually goes to the game to witness these things, there is no footage of this ever happening.

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