Video: A bat terrorized last night’s Pelicans-Kings warmups

, on March 4, 2014 , 3:00PM


It’s like I always say, “Don’t let bats in the arena when a basketball game is getting ready to start.” But sometimes, bats don’t want to cooperate, you know? Like, for instance, last night before the Pelicans-Kings game in ye olde Sleep Train Arena, a moment which Cowbell Kingdom’s Jonathan Santiago was lucky enough to catch in person.


Didn’t catch the bat though. That thing was being mad flighty. And that’s why it takes seeing a video like this — where it takes several full-grown men, a bunch of towels that I hope no one was planning on using and a pool skimmer to catch a single loose bat — to really appreciate what Manu Ginobili did a few years ago.


In case you somehow forgot:



No matter what happens from here until the end of time, Manu’s bat strike is guaranteed to be one of the greatest individual performances the NBA will ever witness. One bat, one man, one swipe, one fatality — that’s a perfect BSR (bat strike rating) of 1.0, something we haven’t seen before and something we’ll probably never see again.


One does have to wonder, though, why the bats seem to be following the Kings. And since Jason Thompson is the only guy to play in both games, it’s only natural to wonder if he might be a vampire. I know it sounds crazy, but if there’s an explanation that’s more logical than that, I haven’t heard it. Protect ya neck.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I submitted a paper on BSR for inclusion in this year’s Sloan Conference, but was rejected due to only having one data point.

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