Two players will wear the same nickname jersey for Friday’s Nets-Heat game

, on January 7, 2014 , 3:00PM


When I first saw that Joe Johnson “JJ” jersey on the internet, I was disgusted. The man had a chance to pick almost anything he wanted for the back of his jersey and he went with JJ? With JoeJohn, Joe Cool, Joe Jesus and the Armadillo Cowboy all on the table? Truly shameful.


Well, things are about to get even more disappointing, because Joe Johnson won’t even be the only guy in a JJ jersey.



So you are telling me that these two teams have been given an almost unprecedented chance to choose exactly what goes on the back of their jerseys and both James Jones and Joe Johnson couldn’t come up with anything better than JJ? I know not everybody in the league has nicknames and that it is pretty commonplace for guys to pick their initials – Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem are doing it too – but it just seems too easy, especially in Johnson’s case, when he has some widely-known nicknames to choose from. Not to mention, there are legitimately three guys who go by JJ playing in the league right now (Redick, Hickson and Barea), which kind of makes this like wearing “Tyler” for a nickname.


But whatever, it’s just nickname jerseys we’re talking about here. (If you want the full list of Heat nicknames, check out the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.) And if these guys are OK with having the same nickname as their opponent, then it’s fine by me. Sure, “Armadillo Cowboy” and “The James Jones That Won the 3-Point Contest That One Time” would have been better, but giving yourself a nickname is gauche anyways, so it’s a real Catch-22 (which would also a better nickname for James Jones, so forget I said anything).

5 Responses to “Two players will wear the same nickname jersey for Friday’s Nets-Heat game”

  1. Bloke says:

    MoneyMase is mad underrated in this column

  2. MinuteRicein58seconds says:

    1. I think I want to know what Andray Blatche chose more than I should

    2. Is Teletovic gonna take the Sasha Vujecic route and have something in the neighborhood of ‘The Machine’

    BONUS: The Guys who are calling the game should be forced to refer to the players by the nickname lol

  3. beyne says:

    NBA is getting ghetto again I like it

  4. […] in that game. Then again, Ray Allen’s jersey won’t say “Jesus”, and Johnson won’t be the only player wearing the crushingly bland “J.J.” in the contest, so there might not be any real rhyme or […]

  5. Tim says:

    Yeah, the nickname jerseys are a failure. What a crock. They should let fans vote on it. Damn, about one good nickname for each team.

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