Tue. Apr. 1: Sdrawkcab

, on April 1, 2014 , 1:24PM


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On Tuesday’s 100th episode of The Starters, the guys discuss — IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER! — the Spurs’ streak, how the Pacers can right the ship, the comeback ‘Cats, what in the world Timofey Mozgov was thinking, Patrick Beverley’s knee, and new Easter kicks. That, plus Bones joins us to discuss NBA referees, whether the league should abolish conferences, and April Fools’ Day pranks.




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9 Responses to “Tue. Apr. 1: Sdrawkcab”

  1. Serge says:

    Randall Cunningham

  2. Hatts says:

    What is this I don’t even

  3. Dr. J Pom says:

    Great job talking backwards so we could understand you when the episode was played in reverse! Very talented!

  4. Frederick Lorico says:

    Such a bizarre episode. Although it sounded easy, was it hard to keep things in order when reporting everything backwards.

  5. Jeremy says:

    The format broke my brain, but well done.

  6. Charl33_8rown says:


  7. Aa says:

    That was so strange. The intro was tagged on at the end of the podcast. Mistake in the editing room?

  8. Dip Unson says:

    Can we not watch your episodes here? Please?

  9. Bee4Three says:

    this was awesome

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