Thu. Apr. 17: NBA Playoffs Preview

, on April 17, 2014 , 2:57PM


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On today’s live episode of The Starters, the guys break down and predict all eight NBA Playoffs series. I hope you like basketball.




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9 Responses to “Thu. Apr. 17: NBA Playoffs Preview”

  1. Rod says:

    Take the leash off the dog in reference to Russell Westbrook..I wonder if he would be offended by that

  2. birdman says:

    Hey Trey, You kindly directed us to the Youtube channel BoyzIIMelas that has now shut down (ooops…). Where do we go no for the free videos?

  3. Kevin says:

    Loved the George St. Geegland “Too Much Tuna” reference. Basically summed up for me why I love the blog/podcast.

  4. Yaniv says:

    come on fellows, why no video??? We can’t all watch live…

  5. Hannes says:

    I wrote something play offs related – hope you guys like it


  6. Kevin says:

    “Too Much Tuna” reference…awesome.

  7. Mark Hiew says:

    Currently, one of the biggest problems in the NBA is refs making the wrong call.

    It ruins the game in many ways. One of the major ones is key players getting into foul trouble–particularly due to incorrect calls–and having to sit/not being able to play. Nobody wins: fans, players, coaches. Iguodala’s fourth and fifth fouls in the recent Game 1 of the Clippers-Warriors series is the latest example of a common issue.

    As a solution to the foul out problem, I propose that we allow teams to “buy” a foul to specific players on their team, in order to allow them to continue playing. There are various ways in which this could be done. For example, one way is that they would need to have the foul re-allocated to another player. It could be done at the cost of more than one foul in order to provide a suitable ‘cost level’ to the team.

    So for example, let’s say Andre Iguodala has a fifth foul called on him early in the 3rd quarter. The Warriors could “buy” a foul, reducing his count back to four fouls. To do so costs them two team and personal fouls, which they spread: giving one to Jordan Crawford and another to Hilton Armstrong.

    This is just one example. There are many technicalities that would need to be ironed out. However, if experts were (and I’m sure perhaps have already) to work on creating a suitable mechanism that would reduce the problem of bad calls–in this case relating to foul trouble–changing the nature and outcome of games excessively.

    Another issue that I hope technology helps to correct for human error is last touched out of bounds situations. If we are able to institute some sort of finger print detection chips into the basketball that can recognize each players’ unique fingerprint ID. Additionally, we could set up cameras and lasers along the boundaries of the basketball court and painted area. This will allow for definitive resolution of which team touched the ball before it went out of bounds, as well as technical support in recognizing when a 3 second violation has occurred, a charge taken within the rim area, or the ball has been touched while inside the cylinder.

    These may seem like flights of fancy, but I imagine that with the rate of technological innovation, such tools will greatly reduce our current dependency on referees–with all their failures as human beings–from continuing to sub-optimize this great game. Such camera/laser/heat seeking technology has already done the same for tennis and cricket.

  8. 1J (from South Korea) says:

    Every single one of you predicted the Clips would win the series…the Warriors took Game 1! In your Face! Hope you’re reconsidering…:P

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