The Starters TV Clips: Should the Raptors retire Vince Carter’s number?

, on January 23, 2014 , 4:30PM


‘Tis only once a year that Raptors fans truly debate the merits of Vince Carter’s stint in Toronto and whether or not he should be the first Raptor ever to have his jersey retired, and since last night’s visit by the Mavericks means that time is upon this, bask in the glory of some die-hard Raptor fans trying to crack this riddle. On one hand, there was that whole “quitting on the team” thing there are the end. But on the other hand, Vince is the best player in franchise history AND the man who made the Raptors the coolest they’ve ever been (sorry, Drake)(not really). It’s a toughie.


Enjoy it!

6 Responses to “The Starters TV Clips: Should the Raptors retire Vince Carter’s number?”

  1. Johannes says:

    I vote yes! But they’d better use the 90s cartoon dino jersey.

  2. aleco says:

    I believe VC hasn’t done enough to earn that respect. Retiring numbers is for Legends and Winners. VC hasn’t won anything. How can you rate Vince Carter when he was a horrible defender and rebounder. I really don’t get it. As for everyone saying he contributed to Canadian Basketball blah blah. Kids are playing because of Vince Carter is BS. Kids like myself play and enjoy hoops because of one person and one person only Michael Jordan. He is the reason why there is Basketball in Toronto. Bulls win first 3 titles 91-93 we get team in 94. Raptors should hang up Jordan jersey from the rafters.

    • Joe says:

      While I’m not saying his jersey should be retired, your claim that basketball is big in Canada solely because of Jordan is false. If Jordan truly was the catalyst of the Canadian basketball boom, we’d have way more Canadian basketball players in the league. The reason there’s an influx of young hi quality talent now (Thompson, Wiggins, Olynyk ) is directly due to Carter’s popularity here as all those guys credit Carter as being the reason they started playing basketball when they were kids. Did Jordan help bring teams to Canada? maybe.. but the Grizzlies did horribly and left. The Raptors would have left as well if it wasn’t for one guy: Vince Carter.

  3. telecustom says:

    I hope the raps make their peace with vince and retire his jersey. it’s just such a sad story… for all those years he was just the coolest dude and an awesome player but now he’s just the guy who DIDN’T do stuff. it’s a shame really. I loved him and kinda still do.
    I hope to see his jersey in the rafters some day.

  4. Norman Morris says:

    I BELIEVE that they should first ballot HOF obviously

  5. James Moon says:

    The good outweighed the bad.

    I say retire his jersey. Not only because of his impact on the next generation of Canadian basketball players, but the impact he made on fans like myself – a Leaf fan who is now a Leaf and Raptors’ fan and hardcore NBA fan, because of Mr. Air Canada.

    Just to add, if you go to certain parks like at Dixon, still remains VC basketball court that were donated by Carter for youth like myself at the time to play basketball.

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