Do you like puns, food and basketball in equal amounts? Hope so, because we’ve got a whole bunch of all that stuff in this little jaunt through the ins and outs of the menu at Kevin Durant’s new restaurant. Tasty.


Enjoy it!

5 Responses to “The Starters TV Clips: A tour of Kevin Durant’s restaurant menu”

  1. Baqu says:

    fantastic guys ! love your puns ;D

  2. Canadjan moving finger says:

    its obvious you guys are aching to bring back THE GUN

  3. beyne says:

    this is why the starters rule. guarantee all thunder players have seen this

    ask em about it at ASB !

  4. […] The Starters got in on the pun gun fun with KD’s restaurant too. […]

  5. meciuri live says:

    Asa da, asta mai zic si eu site! Felicitari!

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