The Starters NBA Preview: 101 Questions (Pt. 3)

, on October 25, 2013 , 10:00AM


On today’s third installment of The Starters’ 2013-2014 NBA preview podcast — CLICK HERE FOR PART 1 and PART 2 — the guys continue to answer 101 questions about the upcoming season.


Besides Derrick Rose, which injured player from last year will have the biggest impact? Who will win the Defensive Player of the Year award? Are the Clippers legit title contenders? Will Detroit’s monster lineup work? And who looks the weirdest in their new jersey?


All that, plus Q-Rich, Kent Bazemore, Johnny Manziel, Ricky Gervais impersonations, Matt’s meeting alerts, Twitter verification, and more.




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23 Responses to “The Starters NBA Preview: 101 Questions (Pt. 3)”

  1. Stefan says:

    Larry Sanders for DPOY?

  2. Stefan says:

    With all this talk of a three-peat, I think we should coin the phrase “Finals-Contenders”…

  3. B3 says:


  4. chicobigfoot says:

    Did someone make a Todd Zeile pun? Did someone actually make a Todd Zeile pun?

  5. Scott Danger says:

    Wolves fan perspective:

    Hall of Famer I would pair with a star of today: I pick Bill Russell and Kevin Love. Russell will teach Kevin all the intangibles of leadership and also a thing or two about defense.

    Game I’m most looking forward to is Wolves vs Lakers. The Wolves haven’t beat the Lakers since, like, 2005 or something. I think it’s the longest such streak in the NBA. That changes this year!

    Strangest player-in-a-new-jersey: Nick Young in the purple and gold

  6. jdizzle says:

    Could Al Jefferson be in the “leading the league in scoring” conversation? He’s the Bobcats’ only low post player who can score. He will basically touch the ball everytime down the floor and he’s a decent free throw shooter. He probably won’t win the title but he atleast deserves a seat at the table

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  8. Nate says:

    Best rivalry – Knicks/Nets. Nets have already said they are taking over NYC, and Pierce/Garnett already hate the Knicks. Same division, same city = good old fashioned hatefest.

  9. I really think Gordon Hayward deserves some love for a “Gordy Basketball” nickname.

    For starters, he’s from Indiana and played ball in the middle of the “Hoosier Heartland.”

    Also, in the Johnny ToddZeile mold of being able to do a bit of everything, Hayward played exclusively as a guard in high school before an abnormal growth spurt turned him into a versatile forward in college.

    Lastly, and possibly most important, he was physically assaulted by a basketball demon and came out unrattled:

    Gordy Basketball lives on.

  10. Harrison says:

    Best Rivalry: Don’t underestimate Clippers-Lakers. Lakers might be down right now, but with Kobe and Pau they have any enough to beat anyone in any single game, and the Clippers are, obviously, greatly improved.

  11. Monk says:

    This was HILARIOUS!!!!!

  12. TeamRegime says:

    Enes Kanter for Shaqtin’ a fool

  13. hibachi says:

    Best 2nd Year Player:
    not one mention of bradley BEAL! :(

  14. PeighSmellis says:

    An underrated “best rivalry” is between the Heat and Knicks. Both sides absolutely hate each other and have been holding grudges for 20 years, ever since Pat Riley left the Knicks to coach the Heat.

    As a bonus, every time they play you get to see the video of JVG hanging off of Zo’s leg as he tries to murder Larry Johnson. Good times.

  15. mason says:

    the only way butler makes deng expendable is if the bulls slide jimmy to the 3 and then sign a shooting guard.

  16. Aaron says:

    How about John Wall as Johnny Basketball. First of all his name is John. He played his college ball at a big school.

  17. Eddie Sheridan says:

    Small correction: Isaiah Canaan’s last name is actually pronounced “cannon.” I live in the town where he played college ball, so I got to hear his name pronounced about 8 billion times over the last two years.

  18. beyne says:

    Josh smith is the most versatile player in the NBA

    and LOL trey the Bulls are the 7th best team in the NBA… if that.. OKC SAS MIA IND MEM GSW

  19. Pinkpanfa says:

    Best rivalry: Knicks vs Nets
    Making Sved smile: youtube baby laughing…gets em everytime
    NBA old timer team up with new player: C Webb and Cousins, Bernard King and Melo, Iverson and J. Wall
    Widely liked player that could be better? Dirk and John Wall
    Best backup PG: Nate Robinson(confidence as a backup is important)
    COY: Woodson if Knicks win the division; Mark Jackson if GS gets higher than 4 seed
    Johnny Basketball: Kobe
    Metta: gets a VH1 reality show
    Quentin Rich: goes to Bucks
    West vs East: West better conference and teams; East better individual players

  20. Sammy says:

    Not sure why Trey laughed when Leigh said there were about 5000 games in the NBA every year. He wasn’t that far off.

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