The Starters in NOLA: What’s your favorite smoothie and what’s it called?

, on February 18, 2014 , 9:00AM


Now that the Pelicans play in an arena called Smoothie King Center, we had to ask a bunch of All-Stars a very important question — if you had a signature smoothie, what would be in it and what would you call it? Their answers, as you might expect, are worth a listen.


Enjoy it!

10 Responses to “The Starters in NOLA: What’s your favorite smoothie and what’s it called?”

  1. Pelicans says:

    I like strawberry banana

  2. Finn says:

    Great stuff, guys, but I need to know–was Giannis there, and if he was why didn’t Tas ask him this question? Seems a natural fit.

    • Tas Melas Tas Melas says:

      Of course we wanted to talk to Giannis! He attended Rising Stars Challenge Media Day so he wasn’t at the main Media Day session. I had special Greek words prepared for him and everything.

  3. BenIsCooking says:

    C’mon Noah

  4. N M says:

    Easy Jokim Noah. As the Joker would say: “Why so serious?” If I was getting serious questions all weekend I’d welcome a light hearted question like that. anyways good segment guys.

  5. Bing says:

    Joakim Noah is the worst.

  6. B.I.G. B.O.I. says:

    Dwight not coming off as a buttplug for once, good job

  7. CaptainTanukiNuts says:

    If I had a smoothie, it would have beer in it. I’d call it ‘beer’.

  8. beyne says:

    who shit in noahs smoothie ?

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