The Starters Awards 2014: In Memoriam

, on April 7, 2014 , 4:30PM


We lost a lot of good memes out there.

22 Responses to “The Starters Awards 2014: In Memoriam”

  1. Bun B says:

    E-Dawg, you’re killing me.

  2. MTL_Dave says:


  3. Irwin says:


  4. Greg Barber says:

    Wonderful. Wonderful. But please #freemattosten

  5. Gurg Oden says:

    Please, what is the name of this song, I already anticipate it being stuck in my head for weeks

  6. […] In memoriam of all the memes lost this NBA season, as brought to you by The Starters and the beautiful recorder stylings of Tas […]

  7. eaubee says:

    Can I get a song title? Or is this a Starters original?

  8. MattyD says:

    I actually want this song to accompany all video montages in the future. Also #FreeMattyO. I miss the drops!

  9. RC_Philippines says:

    I had a tear when I saw “The Basketball Jones”

  10. omar says:

    title of the song?

  11. Nik D says:

    The Basketball Jones olffical memoriam. Lol. That was a nice touch. Loved this episode.

  12. varun s says:

    Hey look, a #TBJ sighting! A rose by any other name would smell as sweet..

  13. Sausages says:

    Whoa that Matty O hologram is crazy real. Good to see him one more time – RIP buddy.

    Now I know some Australians can sing because I’ve JO’d to both Natalie Imbruglia and Kylie Minogue videos, but goshdang Leigh’s voice dry rooted my ear holes.

  14. zeze says:

    This one is GOLD!!! Leigh mate, that was beautiful! my ear almost shed a tear… wow unpanned rhyme… LOL

    keep it up boys, my business travels are not the same without your podcast!

  15. Serge says:

    Agree with Sausages, very real looking. Also a vague Troll 2 quality. RIP MattyO.

  16. inconsteveable says:

    Oh man, can’t wait til next year when you will bid farewell to the Charlotte Bobcats. LET’S GO HORNETS!!!!

  17. omar says:

    what is the title of this song?

  18. Stanvan says:

    I’ve been looking all over the internet, but I cannot find the original song. Does anyone know?

  19. Tim says:

    Gotta admit, I cried when the Basketball Hones flashed up there.

  20. andrew the former bogut hater says:


  21. JA makes sense of it for us says:

    SOOOO good

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