The Spurs’ latest H-E-B commercials are hilarious

, on October 25, 2013 , 3:42PM


For as much talk as there is about the San Antonio Spurs having no personality, one just needs to look to their long and fruitful relationship with H-E-B grocery stores to know that that’s just not true. But if you were too lazy to dip in to the YouTube archives to enjoy the full oeuvre, you might as well just start with the four spots the chain just dropped because they are great.


Up top is “One for Each,” and this one here is called “Splendid.”



This one is “Laundry Sorting”:



And the final one is “Tough Talk”:



If you hurry, you can vote on H-E-B’s website for which of the spots is your favorite. I’m going to toss a vote towards “Splendid,” but I can see a case being made for each of the four. It’s going to be a real barnburner.


But really, I think the best use for these commercials is as proof that the Spurs can be silly when they want to. Tim Duncan is getting a bunch of the punchlines, for Pete’s sake. If he’s jokey-jokersons, just imagine all the behind the scenes laughter we’re missing out on.


That’s why you have to treasure these H-E-B commercials. They don’t come around all that often, but when they do, it’s a special day. That makes today very special.

17 Responses to “The Spurs’ latest H-E-B commercials are hilarious”

  1. Alexis says:

    Laundry Sorting is my favorite. First, it states that the Spurs do the team laundry themselves and second, that they do it in their full jerseys.

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  4. balance says:

    Loved it! Not only Kawhi is the future of the franchise, he`s the new face of HEB. I don`t think I`d ever heard his voice before…

  5. Bilal says:

    Haha loved it! Who said the Spurs are boring with no personality?

    Having lived in South Texas, I can also attest that HEB is one hell of an awesome grocery store.

  6. Wrobel says:

    OMG, Kawhi can actually smile!

  7. Irwin says:

    Splendid performance by the Spurs Coyote.

  8. Mark says:

    Splendid and Laundry Sorting are hilarious xD

  9. Jordan says:

    The sauce one is the best “That was actually kinda nice” got me

  10. Frank Nyanin says:

    First time, I’have seen Kwahi Leonard talk.

  11. A Londoner says:

    Splendid is hilarious!

  12. darryl says:

    The best part is Kawhi Leonard saying, “Indubitably”.

    BTW, indubitably means “without doubt”.

  13. Cuban Pete says:

    These are splendid!

  14. beyne says:

    good show old sport

  15. Aaron says:

    Thank you good sir for getting me onto these commercials, they are all gold :D

  16. Joseph says:

    damn. is tim duncan the best actor in the nba?!

  17. Indubitably, the best one is the steaks and robes high society one.

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