Roy Hibbert has a painting of Roy Hibbert hanging above his fireplace

, on December 6, 2013 , 2:45PM


I know you’re thinking it’s pretty silly that Roy Hibbert has a portrait of himself hanging above his fireplace, but Carmelo Anthony has one too, so maybe it’s just standard practice for NBA players to have someone paint their portrait and then to hang it above the mantle. I’ve never sat through a rookie orientation, so there’s a chance they mention this requirement when players are first coming in to the league. I don’t know. It could happen.


Or, I suppose, it could just be one of those things where NBA players have paintings of themselves above the fireplace because they think there could be nothing cooler than a painting of themselves hanging above the fireplace. One of the two.

6 Responses to “Roy Hibbert has a painting of Roy Hibbert hanging above his fireplace”

  1. ben says:

    Fan does a painting sends it to Roy, roy puts it up because it looks cool. not seeing the big deal

  2. @Jay_Lamberto says:

    Nothing says “I’m the fuckin’ man, and everyone should know it” more than a self-portrait above your fireplace.

  3. I have a picture of The Starters hanging on my mantle.

  4. BullsFever So ILL says:

    We have a family portrait above our mantle. Get a mantle and a fire place, try not to put one of those things up :)

  5. Beez Kneezy says:

    If I was a multi-millionaire in my favorite sport, it’d be pretty hard for you to talk me out of me placing a marble bust of me on each side of my driveway.

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