Right now is the lightest Glen Davis has been since eight grade

, on December 5, 2013 , 4:30PM

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According to the Magic’s team website, Glen Davis is listed as 289 pounds. That makes him the heaviest player on the Magic by nearly 30 pounds, heavier than Andrew Bynum, heavier than Marc Gasol, heavier than Hasheem Thabeet (the league’s tallest player), and, now that I’m looking at it, heavier than every other player in the league besides Roy Hibbert (who weighs a pound more), at least when you’re looking at their listed weights. Yes, even more than Aaron Gray.


And the funniest thing about that is that this is the lightest Big Baby has been since eighth grade. From Magic.com:


Fresh off a spectacular 33-point effort spread over 50 minutes Tuesday in Philadelphia, Davis will take the Madison Square Garden court Friday night as slim as he’s been in, well, almost a lifetime.


“Eighth grade. Yeah, really, it’s the lightest I’ve been since the eighth grade,’’ said Davis, seemingly shocked himself. “This time it’s consistent (with the weight loss). There have been times when I’ve lost a lot of weight, but I’d just gain it right back. But as far as consistently staying at this weight and staying down, it’s been since the eighth grade when I was this thin.’’


Just to clarify — most people are 13 years old when they’re in eighth grade, and since Big Baby is nearly 28 now, this means he is literally the skinniest he’s been in more than half of his life. Join me in enjoying a hearty laughter at this fact.


There’s always a chance Big Baby was joking, but I’m willing to believe him here, mostly because I have eyes and it’s pretty obvious that he hasn’t been shrinking over the past few years. So just think about a 13-year-old Glen Davis for a second, weighing more than he does right now. Can you imagine his parents’ grocery bills? Cue the hearty laughter again.

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  1. Hannes says:

    He didn’t say the lightest, right?
    Me personally, I don’t become bigger, I just become heavier ;)

  2. Sausages says:

    Geez, he must’ve been one fat 9th grader.

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