NBA Happenings: May 15, 2014

, on May 15, 2014 , 10:17AM

kawhi leonard smiling


Shoutout: Remember when it was a travesty that Joe Johnson made the All-Star team over Lance Stephenson? And then remember how that was basically the turning point for both of their seasons and now it doesn’t look bad at all? Well, JoeJohn added to the legend of the ill-begotten All-Star appearance with 34 points on 15-23 shooting while straight-up carrying the Nets in the fourth quarter of their series-ending loss to the Heat. Gonna miss you kind of, Armadillo Cowboy.


Not so much: Joe Johnson was killing, Deron Williams was having a nice game and one of the biggest possessions of the Nets’ super-expensive season ended with a Shaun Livingston postup. I like Shaun Livingston, you like Shaun Livingston, everyone likes Shaun Livingston, but that’s maybe not the wisest resource allocation.


Classic: Ray Allen did it again. From the corner again.



I know Mario Chalmers was totally wide-open at the top of the key and that he loves taking big shots, but I’d still rather him shoot that one than ever help off of Ray Allen in a corner, especially when you consider that Chalmers was 0-5 on the night.


It’s crispy!: Chris Bosh is killing it with the threes this postseason. He hit four last night, all in the second half, which brings his playoff three-point percentage to 48.6 percent. And while that’s good, he’s even better from the corners, where he’s knocked in eight of his 11 attempts. The only down side? Not nearly as many Bosh faces now that he’s regularly making them. We can only hope they return as the playoffs continue.


Talky talk: Erik Spoelstra had an enlightening press conference before last night’s Game 5.



Somewhere, Gregg Popovich saw this and got jealous for the first time in his entire life.


Star turn: Let’s give a quick, major shoutout to Kawhi Leonard who did his new age Scottie Pippen impression again last night, tallying 22 points on 9-15 shooting with seven rebounds, two assists, five steals, three threes and no turnovers in an easy Spurs elimination win. This guy is going to be SOMETHING and the Spurs look as fearsome as you can imagine heading in to the conference finals.


Visuals: Of all the Kawhi exploits, this was the best.



Those hands, that burst, that finish — so good, so good, so good.


Tidbits: Steve Kerr threw a real kerrveball (pew) last night, signing up to coach the Golden State Warriors rather than chilling with Phil Jackson in New York … In response, it seems the Knicks will target Derek Fisher and Kurt Rambis to coach their team … Oh you know, just LeBron James doing LeBron James things … Tony Parker left last night’s game after 10 minutes with tightening in his hamstring, didn’t return, and (I’m sure) will be totally fine because the Spurs knew they didn’t need him to beat the Blazers … If you like athletes having rap labels, then this is the post for you … Shoutout to us for being cited in an actual book by an actual well-respected NBA personality

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  1. Colin says:

    No love for Danny Green? Tied Leonard in pts, 2 more rebounds, better shooting %…for shame.

  2. Melas to Society says:

    The TBJ got a shout out not the starters!
    Huuuuge difference!

    So the show will get canceled. Anybody in for a bet?
    name me 5 reasons why not!

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