NBA Happenings: May 14, 2014

, on May 14, 2014 , 11:00AM

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Shoutout: Marcin Gortat should be immediately inducted in to the Wizards’ Hall of Fame after throwing up a huge, nose-sized 31 points and 16 rebounds in a road playoff victory in an elimination game. Yes, it was that impressive. Not to mention, it’s the Wizards we’re talking about here, so it’s not like there is a ton of postseason history that would push him out of the way. I mean, Randy Wittman is already fifth all-time in playoff coaching victories throughout Washington franchise history, so yeah, this is a legendary performance.


Not so much: Are you kidding me, referees in Oklahoma City? I don’t know that I’m as mad as Doc Rivers, since I wasn’t playing in the game on either side, but there’s no reason refs should be this big of a story in the playoffs. And it wasn’t just the botch job at the end either, because the Clippers were in foul trouble ALL NIGHT SON, plus they got hosed on two earlier out of bounds calls that the refs blew and couldn’t review. Simply put, when Bill Simmons is totally nailing his random predictions, you know something is wrong.


Angry: Curious about how mad Doc Rivers is about the way last night’s Game 5 ended? This mad.



See that? He’s very mad. “Incensed,” some would say. “Furious,” others would chime in, while still more might say “totally ticked off.” Though I guess you could also say he was “fuming.” Basically, there are a lot of synonyms for being mad and Doc Rivers was all of them.


Also not so much: Refs aside, when was the last time you saw a Chris Paul meltdown lose his team a game? Maybe never, but that’s exactly what happened last night. In the last 17 seconds of the fourth quarter, CP3 turned the ball over while trying to draw a foul on a halfcourt shot when he could have just held it and then shot free throws because the Clippers were in the bonus, fouled a three-point shooter who is shooting less than 30 percent from three in the postseason, then capped things off by turning the ball over again. This is why he was as sad as Doc Rivers was mad.


Tiny hands: Thabo Sefolosha, who I have personally witnessed missing several dunk shots or layups because he can barely hang on to the ball, dunked on one of the league’s best shotblockers last night.



T-Bone Steakalosha went 4-5 last night, and three of his made shots were highlight-quality plays. I just don’t know what to do with myself.


Levels of bad: Which is worse — the Pacers losing the final score margin in last night’s Game 5 by 23 at home in a closeout game or the Pacers losing the final rebound margin in last night’s Game 5 by 39 at home in a closeout game? Trick question — it’s the score, but the rebounding is silly too.


Tidbits: What do free throws do? Win games, and also make fans very happy … Stannis Van Gundy, the first of his name, is set to become the king of the Pistons, which might not be his formal title, but is basically what you are when you get full control … John Wall finally had a great game (27-5-5) and outscored the entire Pacers team in the third quarter … If Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t know what a pierogi is, does that mean he’s never had a pierogi? I bet he’d love pierogis, and my mom’s family’s hometown’s Pierogi Fest … LeBron James is allegedly going to lead a player boycott if Donald Sterling still owns the Clippers next season

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    I can’t get over that fan gif LMAO

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    you know, Trey, I come for the Happenings, but I stay for the nicknames. on point, all the time (bring back LeBrisket please).

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  4. Chris says:

    I think people are really fooling themselves if they think the replays of the out of bounds play are in any way conclusive. You cannot clearly see who the ball is out off of. Refs can’t change the call on the floor without conclusive evidence. It’s happened all season, those are the rules get over it!

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