NBA Happenings: May 13, 2014

, on May 13, 2014 , 9:30AM

 robin lopez looking majestic


Shoutout: 49 points on 24 shots for LeBron James, who also bricked his very last free throw with time almost gone that would have given him an even 50, which would have been a new personal playoff scoring record AND the league’s first postseason half-a-hundred in more than five years. This guy is so anti-clutch, am I right? (No.)


Not so much: Manu Ginobili had a triple-double last night, but if it’s in this section and not the one above, you know something’s off. And it is — just two points, two rebounds and two assists in the Game 4 loss for the Poo God, who went 1-6 from the field, didn’t get to the line once and had a turnover. Bad night for this bro.


Huh?: Mario Chalmers had a dunk in a halfcourt set? I still don’t get it.



I don’t necessarily keep up to snuff with my Mario Chalmers history, but I do not remember him ever dunking in a halfcourt set, and certainly not in a playoff game. I kept asking “Chalmers dunked it?” around the house for so long that I eventually got yelled at, that’s how surprising this dunk slam was.


Ballin: Another guy who was low-key great last night was Nicolas Batum, who filled up the stat sheet with 14 points, 14 rebounds, eight assists, a steal, a block, five turnovers and two fouls. And since he shot four threes (and made two) and made his two free throw attempts, he literally had an entry in every single statistical category on the standard stat sheet. That’s activity, mon frere.


Also huh?: It’s not quite as surprising when Damian Lillard has a non-fastbreak dunk as it is when Mario Chalmers does, but it’s still a bit shocking.



One of my favorite developments of this season has been Damian Lillard becoming a really good dunker. He also went for 25 points on 11-21 shooting in the Blazers’ win, so he is still good at shooting too. Quality stuff.


Tidbits: Very strange Nets-Heat shirt that features Martha Stewart and me … Some Gregg Popovich scowls for your amusement, which probably were generated by his team going an incredibly bricktastic 3-18 from three off some great looks … An NBA fan map from the New York Times … LeBron and JoeJohn have some opinions regarding foul calls … A bit of high class “The Starters” artwork

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