NBA Happenings: March 6, 2014

, on March 6, 2014 , 9:30AM

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Shoutout: 25 points in the second half for James Harden, who scored 31 in total and led the Rockets to a victory over the Magic. Yeah, it’s against the Magic, and even I don’t really care about it, but I just didn’t want to talk about how great the Bobcats were for this entire post.


Not so much: One of the reasons I didn’t want to talk about the Bobcats up there is because I wanted to mention that Paul George went 0-9 last night, scored all of two points, and added five turnovers in the Pacers’ loss to Charlotte. Bad action.


Heart-breaking sadness: Kyle Korver’s consecutive games with a three-pointer streak ended last night. I’m sure you were crushed.



It had been 127 straight games for K2 before going 0-5 in another Hawks loss last night. Between the streak ending, all of their All-Stars being injured and losses in 12 of their last 13 games, there is literally nothing left to cheer for in Atlanta.


Bad night for streaks: Another streak ended last night, and that’s the Nuggets losing streak, which stood at six games before their victory over the Mavericks last night. The only good thing for Dallas is that Minnesota and Memphis also both lost last night, meaning the Mavs’ tenuous one-game lead on the eighth playoff spot in the Western Conference isn’t any more tenuous, which is a good thing.


Segue: Speaking of the Grizzlies losing, they kind of double-lost because Andray Blatche did this to them during their loss.



When Andray Blatche does this to you, then goes on to describe the play as “That’s some, you know, Magic Johnson,” you should get two losses on the night. I love the Blatche Attack, but that’s a bit shameful.


Stick stickity: Another Bulls win, another Joakim Noah triple-double. He’s a legit MV3 candidate, who might not even make first OR second team All-NBA at center. This is why I’ll be naming my future son after him. Well, that and how scared he is of horses. Runs in the family.


Franco: Ever seen Ersan Ilyasova get really mad? Me neither, but that’s what Reggie Evans will do to you.



Also in this game, Isaiah Thomas was ejected after picking up two techs while trying to slap the ball out of Khris Middleton’s hands. Someone should have told them this was a Kings-Bucks game. Not that serious.


Friendship: Dwight Howard was back in Orlando for the second time since all that weirdness. The Magic gave him a video tribute this time around, and everyone booed throughout it. Then the Magic lost to the Rockets. Lots of emotions in Disney World, I’m guessing.


And finally: The Wizards beat the Jazz and the Warriors beat the Celtics, both things that should have happened and did.


Tidbits: OK fine, I guess Joakim Noah doesn’t hate horses THAT much … Here’s the Bobcats crowd going nuts when Al Jefferson made a three … Good stuff from Zach Lowe on various NBA bonuses … That Tupac lookalike showed up at the Celtics game again … Henry Winkler will talk to you about the Wolves, if you’re feeling sad

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