NBA Happenings: March 5, 2014

, on March 5, 2014 , 9:30AM

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Shoutout: Kevin Durant went for 42 on 14-20 shooting in 33 minutes and Russell Westbrook had the second-fastest triple-double ever in their win over the 76ers. They’re good.


Not so much: Well, both of those things happened to the Sixers, plus they lost by 33, plus they’ve now lost 15 straight games, so an easy choice. They’re bad.


Height: George Hill is a pretty good point guard defender. Klay Thompson is a lot taller than most point guards. Ergo…



16 points in the fourth quarter for Klay Thompson, including those two very important ones right there at the end. He should expect a HUGE bump in his allowance this week.


Pastors: If you like assists, you should have watched the Spurs destroy the Cavaliers. 39 assistants on 43 made field goals for San Antonio, which was so impressive that even Gregg Popovich was impressed.


No one nose: In the midst of an improbable come-from-behind loss, the Miami Heat got a gift from the Rockets, thanks to a really dumb James Harden pass. The only bad part, however, is that LeBron James got smacked in the nose bones again.



LeBron said he re-broke his nose, but actual doctors disagreed, probably because you can’t re-break a nose that is still broken. The Heat’s winning streak is over and Michael Beasley led Miami in scoring, so it was a strange night.


Perd: The Pelicans beat the Lakers, and the two teams combined to score 257 points, which is a lot.


Bahnzy: Matt Barnes scored 18 points in the third quarter of last night’s Clippers victory. Here are two of them.



Just as a reference for how #rare this sort of thing is, just consider that Matt Barnes has scored 18 or more points in an entire game just two other times this season. Nice job.


Tidbits: George Hill hit a crazy and-one last night … Anthony Davis’ putback dunk game was on point … Here’s James Harden just destroying Mario Chalmers with a crossover … Christopher Birdman got a taunting technical for this … Kosta Koufos is a big Tas Melas fan

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  1. Sneaky__P says:

    Hey Starters,

    Who would be your all team-player starting 5 be? Current players only. Team player attributes include; passion/desire to win, good help defense, ability to find the open man, etc. Mine would be Chris Paul, Westbrook, Lebron, Pau, and Joakim. The reason I ask this question is that last night I found myself admiring the effort Pau still puts in with his current Laker situation and the accountability and passion he still exhibits for his team. I used to try to hate on Pau but with his effort and all around play all I can do now is respect the hustle. It is also funny to notice how these all-team players are generally my favorite players. Shoutout to boogie though.

    Let me know,


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