NBA Happenings: Mar. 25, 2014

, on March 25, 2014 , 9:30AM

chris bosh game winning block blazers


Shoutout: 31 points on 19 shots for James Harden, who went for 17 in the second half of a very solid win over the Bobbercats. There were some other really good lines last night, but they came against the likes of the Bucks, Jazz and Nuggets so they don’t really count.


Not so much: The 76ers lost again. That’s 25 straight, but the silver lining is that the Spurs left the game with a Popovich-best 14-game winning streak, so at least Brett Brown is looking out for his friends.


Hustlin’ hustlin’: Here’s a big play from last night’s Bulls win over the Pacers.



Pretty fitting course of events for Chicago right there — Kirk Hinrich played a strong all-around game and Taj Gibson was a beast on the offensive glass. Both of those things happened in like 20 seconds, so you can call this a nutshell.


Side zone: One of those lines against a bad team that shouldn’t count was Blake Griffin’s. The Flying Lion hung 27 points, 14 rebounds, six assists, three blocks, and a steal on the Bucks in a win.


However: This did happen to Blake Griffin, so you need to see it.



Someone find this girl, because we need to see how this photo turned out. Maybe she filtered it really nicely, but I’m guessing not good.


Vintage: Now that the Pelicans have been eliminated from playoff contention, Tyreke Evans is balling. Last night, he went for 33 points, 10 rebounds, seven assists, three steals and seven turnovers in a win over the Nets. My theory is that Tyreke had to get back to his Sacramento roots, when things REALLY didn’t matter, in order to excel. Prove me wrong.


Sorry: Family members of Darrell Arthur who may be reading this, please look away.



As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, Kevin Durant also had one of those good lines against a bad team — 27 points, four rebounds, eight assists and two steals without playing the fourth quarter. Sorry, Arthur family.


Trilogy: Since we’re talking about those good-bad lines, might as well mention Andre Drummond starting 8-for-8 from the field on his way to 19 points and 14 boards in a Pistons blowout win over the Jazz. And hey, since we’re talking about these, shoutout to Austin Daye hanging 22 and six threes on the 76ers in that win. Bad teams suck.


Overtime: What’s this? A fourth video highlight? You betcha, because it’s important.



Call me crazy, but that Chris Bosh block is the kind of play that makes you want to smoke cigars and throw money all over women. Which is to say, nice win for the Heat.


Crazy eights: The Suns beat the Hawks, moving them in to eighth place in the Western Conference by virtue of a tiebreaker. The Hawks, meanwhile, still hold a two-and-a-half game lead over the Knicks for No. 8 in the East. Races are fun.


Tidbits: You know, just one of those legendary Kirk Hinrich crossovers you always hear about … LeBron James is leading the crusade against sleeved jerseys … Sorry about your face, Josh McRoberts … The Spurs are scared of haunted hotelsSwaggy got jacked … Don’t you dare touch that ball, Serge Ibaka

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  1. Bob says:

    That’s big boy basketball, Funk!

  2. Tim says:

    FYI Drum Drum had 19 pts on 9-10 and 14 boards

  3. Bill says:

    For a non-highlight team, that sequence from the Bulls is pretty magical. Extra fun to see the usually reserved Taj Gibson go nuts for a minute.

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