NBA Happenings: Dec. 20, 2013

, on December 20, 2013 , 9:00AM

reggie jackson dunk facing wrong way


Shoutout: Seven seasons in to his NBA career, it’s become quite obvious that when you have Marco Belinelli on your team, you don’t need three sure-fire Hall of Famers. 28 points on 10-16 shooting for Italian Rocky last night, leading the Big Threeless Spurs to a hilarious road victory over the Warriors.


Not so much: Part of the reason the Spurs got that silly win is because Klay Thompson, one half of the Splash Brothers, didn’t do his fair share of splashing. He went just 1-7 from three on his way to a 6-18 night against San Antonio. That’s not enough.


Here it is: The play that won the game for Los Spurs.



Probably offensive goaltending on that play, but as we’ve seen with LeBron James guarding Paul George, it’s apparently uncool for refs to call anything on the final play of a game. Guess that’s just the world we live in these days.


Worst behavior: Another stellar night for Marquis Teague — three points on 0-2 shooting, with a rebound, two turnovers, two fouls and no other statistics in 12 minutes. He has been so bad this season, that the Bulls are legitimately starting D.J. Augustin, who wasn’t good enough to play for the Raptors.


Charles Smith: It’s always fun when one guy keeps getting blocked over and over, so even though this is one of my favorite players in the league getting swatted a couple of times, it’s still pretty great.



Crazy thing about these two blocks is that Joakim Noah actually gets off the floor pretty quickly on both of these attempts. Only problem for him is that Serge Ibakalava gets off the floor just a bit quicker. Better luck next time.


Classic Bulls: Just to help everyone keep track of Chicago’s injuries — Derrick Rose is obviously out for the season, then the Bulls were also missing Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich for the start of last night’s game, then they saw Jimmy Butler go down with an ankle hurtster during the game. Cool times.


Drumline: This was great.



If these guys are in the business of remaking every Nick Cannon project, let me suggest a full scale reboot of “Wild ‘n Out.” I’ve missed that show.


Tidbits: Juuuuuuust a bit short on the hook, Tiago … Not sure I would have ever dreamed up a Boris Diaw chasedown block … I wonder if Jimmy Butler ever got back to that guy about his hatJoakim Noah and Kendrick Perkins got in to it in the OKC locker room, words were exchanged and things were blown out of proportion … Kendall Marshall is a Laker now, thanks to Kobe Bryant’s brittle legs

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