NBA Happenings: Apr. 24, 2014

, on April 24, 2014 , 10:25AM

clutch the bear hitting drum


Shoutout: I’ve basically never considered the possibility that we’d ever see another guy like Dirk Nowitzki, a really tall guy who takes over games with incredible perimeter shooting. But then LaMarcus Aldridge threw up 43 points in a Game 2 road win after 46 in a Game 1 road win, so I guess I’m wrong. Crazy to watch.


Not so much: James Harden was actually pretty solid defensively last night, holding Wes Matthews to nine points on 4-11 shooting and shutting him down on all three postups that people seem to think are a good idea. On the other hand, Jimmy H went 6-19 from the field, finished with just 18 points, missed a million shots in a row, had five turnovers and may or may not have been the one responsible for losing WessyWes on that backbreaking layup. Not a good night.


Silliness: Of all the bonkers LMA shots last night, this might be the bonkiest.



Have to wonder if LaMarcus has seen “Noah” yet, because I’m sure he loves arc.


Lefty trophies: Goran Dragic takes home this season’s Most Improved Player, and Mike Conley gets the Sportsmanship Award.


Jerry: The Bobcats had another valiant loss last night — though Gary Neal passing to Chris Douglas-Roberts in the corner, where he was immediately double-teamed and turned the ball over was pretty dumb dumb — but this might have been the play of the game.



I’d have to check with the statisticians on this one, but Gerald Henderson might have the highest ratio of highlight blocks to total blocks in the league this season. Seems like every block he blocks is Top 10 worthy.


Swaggy: Nick Young threw out the first pitch at a Dodgers game and it went worse than his 360 layup. Or on second though, exactly as bad.


Bobacue chicken: Things didn’t end well for the Rockets, but Dwight Howard’s start was vintage Dwigt.



The best part of Dwight’s first quarter run was when he took it to Robin Lopez yet again and the bench started eating. The worst part was when he lost his touch and kept forcing up lefty hooks between two guys. That’s how you get 25 points in the first half and seven in the second.


Tidbits: One of the best Chris Douglas-Roberts comparisons … Josh McRoberts crushed LeBron James in the throat, and I am assuming he learned that move from notorious cheap shot artist and former Pacer teammate Jeff Foster … LeBron also got whistled for a charge while using telekinesis to knock over a ref … Learn about the Harlem Globetrotters … James Harden got in a tiff with a reporter and called him a “weirdo” … Just because I can’t stop listening to it, here’s Jack White’s excellent new song, “Lazaretto”

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