NBA Happenings: Apr. 23, 2014

, on April 23, 2014 , 10:20AM

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Shoutout: 17 points in the fourth quarter for DeMar DeRozan, who finished with 30 and a big win in last night’s Game 2. That included 9-11 from the free throw line, which is the kind of thing that wins playoff games.


Not so much: Which is exactly why Kirk Hinrich gets today’s Not So Much — after bricking all three shots he took in overtime, Hinrich went to the line with two seconds remaining in overtime for two free throws that could have tied the game, then bricked the first one before missing the second one on purpose. It’s like the lady I sat in front of during a high school basketball tournament once said over and over to herself: “What do free throws do? Win games.”


Skyrider: DeMar DeRozan, besides being money from the line when it counts, is also an incredible dunker.



Someday, we’ll tell our kids about how DeRozan got constantly shafted in dunk contests, refused to do them again, then channeled his dunking energy in to games. And really, that’s probably all we’ll tell them about him, but it’s a huge compliment so I’m OK with it.


Still funny: The Hawks got smizoked by the Pacers, but Kyle Korver blocked Roy Hibbert again and that will always be worth a laugh.


Also funny: Drake lint-rolling the hoohaddy out of his pants.





Another laughter break: Trying to keep things light here — Swaggy P in a Swaggy P Kings jersey, driving a Zamboni and being Swaggy P about it.


Pee time: I don’t know if this was the official death knell for the Hawks last night, but it sure seems like it.



The best part of this shot, however, is seen in the actual game footage — watch the kid in the Paul George jersey t-shirt sprinting up to the concourse to make some urine after his favorite player hit a huge three. That’s why you stick around until quarter breaks.


Bounce back: John Wall and Brad Beal in Game 1: 29 points on 7-25 shooting. John Wall and Brad Beal in Game 2: 42 points on 15-35 shooting. Those Game 2 shooting numbers aren’t exactly “good,” but they’re better and that’s what matters.


Tidbits: Gregg Popovich was named Coach of the Year and was 100 percent thrilled about it … If you like paleolithic puns, then this Raptors-Nets series has been a godsend … If you haven’t read the latest Wojbomb, then you probably don’t know that Evan Turner and Lance Stephenson got in a legit fight the night before the playoffs started … Still not sure how this Amir Johnson shot went in … Word on the street is that James Dolan tried to prevent Phil Jackson from firing some Knicks staffers, which a) obviously this happened and b) LOL

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    Make some urine?

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    I didn’t know that Steve Nash and Hedo Turkoglu had a show on nba tv…

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