NBA Happenings: Apr. 22, 2014

, on April 22, 2014 , 10:00AM

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Shoutout: The winner of the night was the entirety of last night’s Grizzlies-Thunders game. Holy smokertons, what a game. Basketball.


Not so much: On the other hand, loser of the night was the Warriors-Clippers game, which was the complete opposite of the Grizzders in just about every way, shape and form. I mean, yeah, the Warriors won Game 1, but after losing Game 2 by 40, is stealing home court advantage even a successful trip? Hard to tell.


Wake up: The Grizzlies won, but this Kevin Durant four-point play had me screaming in my sweatshorts.



That same corner of the OKC court has been the location of this crazy Durant shot AND that insane Westbrook game-winner that was our No. 1 play of the year. So if you are ever buying courtside tickets for a Thunder game, ask for that corner. Something unbelievable is bound to happen.


Also unbelievable: Kendrick Perkins made the tip-in to send the game in to overtime last night. Kendrick Perkins, you guys — quite possibly the internet’s least favorite player ever. He did it, and he had a pretty solid game before that too. Was crazoids.


Birthday bros: It’s playoff time, which means it’s Miller Time. And since Reggie is retired, that means it’s MIKE Miller Time.



Including last night, Mike Miller has shot 43.5 percent from three over the last three postseasons, a feat made even more amazing when you consider that he has had every ligament in his body replaced with various rubber bands and that he has substituted papier-mache for his bones. I don’t know how he played 82 games with that kind of a body, but I haven’t studied health science for years now.


Bad offense: Here are some point totals for some Warriors — Andre Iguodala (4), Jermaine O’Neal (4), Klay Thompson (7), Harrison Barnes (9), Ognjen Kuzmic (0). When you’re not getting points from Ognjen Kuzmic, you’re probably not going to win.


Unsanitary: Stephen Curry got a technical for tossing his mouthpiece.



So not only did Stephen Curry get whistled for a tech and give up a free point, he also had to find his mouthguard on a gross gym floor and then put it in his mouth at some point. Sick.


Tidbits: Here’s Craig Sager, looking good and smiling … Quite possibly the best dunk-that-didn’t-count you’ll see this NBA season … Major shoutout to my main man Joakim Noah for taking home that Defensive Player of the Year trophy a day after getting lit up by Nene … At first, Masai Ujiri wasn’t getting fined for tossing an f-bomb Brooklyn’s way, but then he did … Enjoy a nice laugh from Damian Lillard patting Robin Lopez’s hair

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  1. Hah, Sager in all white is kinda weird looking… Can’t they find a turquoise or a maroon t-shirt? :) )

    All the best to Sager, all jokes aside!

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