Mon. Nov. 4: Winners, Losers, Socks

, on November 4, 2013 , 2:01PM


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On Monday’s live episode of The Starters, the guys select their NBA weekend winners and losers, discuss Larry Sanders’ lack of playing time, and wonder whether Jameer Nelson is worth a first-round pick. All that, plus crazy socks.




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31 Responses to “Mon. Nov. 4: Winners, Losers, Socks”

  1. Melas to Society says:

    this is really, really spooky!
    this is like the #realtalkingdead.
    but instead talking about zombies, it is brainless zombies talking.
    is it really you guys? the tbjs?
    there was a twitter-tsunami, a social shitstorm about the new format, the 1st episode not available outside the usa, the fact that the audio-only podcast is (on which a huge group of the tbj-army relies on=namely the world outside the usa) a complete waste of time due to all the videos, the interface of the blog being very user-unfriendly,etc,etc,etc…………and you still don’t see the need to talk to your longtime and faithful soldiers of the TBJ-Army?

    • starters4eva says:

      Oh stop being a baby

      • Melas to Society says:

        is that you?
        this is your only way to communicate with us openly without being caught by the nsa….nba i meant.
        so let me see what the secret message here is.
        the baby = is you guys,the tbjs, the newborn child of the nba
        stop =
        Oh = …….

  2. Sam says:

    Look I understand that you going to is a great opportunity for you guys but it has done nothing to add to the quality of the show. First off I still like your show, you guys are still awesome and I will continue to listen, but this is too much. First you are a podcast, not a television show. I loved that the podcast could have been 35 minutes if you had nothing to talk about or 60 minutes because you guys went off on a 15 minute Raptors binge. If your going to have a show make it the best of the starters but don’t build in ad breaks and adhere to a strict format for the podcast itself. Where are the drops? I understand you cant curse all of the time like you used to but why did the NBA want you if they had you change wanker of the week to worst of the week. Whats the point of the tweet of the week army if leigh can’t shout out multiple queef related pun twitter handles. Where is the pun gun? no gambling lines? You guys are still awesome, but you should not doing a standard sports show. You guys are weird, we love that, be weird.

  3. D says:

    The show is elevated to another level when I get to see Matt standing on his little box.
    One thing about the blog; when you click the banner at the top it should take you back to the blog homepage.

  4. telecustom says:

    I still have faith in the guys to improve the show (kind of anticlimactic, really – such a long buildup and then this) because TBJ is not going to suck overnight, but I’m definitely also a huge supporter of the “keep the starters weird” (or “make the starters weirder”) movement.
    gotta admit that I’m a little worried right now, but the odds are on the guys coming to grips with the new format etc etc.
    I really want them to succeed. I’m still listening. so there’s that.
    good on ya.

  5. JA makes sense of it for us says:

    I am here to simply make the first positive comment.

    Thanks guys!

  6. Dan says:

    i am with you guys. Id like them to be more weird. But then again, probably doesnt want it that much. But i think that that is what really separates these guys from other shows. Its almost a normal basketball analysis show now.

    you should always remember the message you read, when you were on tour in portland. “keep portland weird”

    so “keep the starters weird”

    And in reply to “sam”. The starters isnt a podcast anymore. It is a TV show and therefore, they have to fill 60 minutes minus the breaks.

    I will still listen / watch and hope that the starters take our opinions seriously.

  7. Andrew says:

    I have no idea why people are so annoyed that they changed the name of “Wanker of the Week” to “Worst of the Week” or care that they have gone from picking elements of individual games rather than Vegas lines. What difference does it make, honestly? They are the same exact features.

    I do however concur with those who say the new format does not lend itself to podcast format very well. To be honest, the first part of Friday’s show (where they analysed the games) paled in comparison to the second half, which was old school overdose-style.

    Still, got to have faith that they’ll fix out the little kinks.

  8. Mark says:

    Firstly, I want to say that I am (and continue to be) a huge fan of you guys. I have listened to the show for years and years (since before the “daily-video-pods-filmed-in-a- random-downtown-Toronto-apartment-building” era). I even kept the first episode where “Steppin’ on the Beach” was played (Ep. 556, the mailbag starts around the 33-minute mark) saved on my computer ‘cause it was just that great (see I was also really happy for you guys when I heard that you would be moving on to work for the NBA. It’s obviously a great opportunity, one that is just too good to pass up.

    Full disclosure, I unfortunately do not often get a chance to remain seated at my desk for a solid block of time mid-day to watch the live-stream, and would love to catch-up on the prior day’s action before 6pm (so thus far have been listening to the audio Starters podcasts). I should note that I used to watch the video Pod after-the-fact, as for me the convenience afforded by being “on demand” via the blog was substantial.

    In any case, I wonder if you all have had a chance to listen to the audio podcast(s) after-the-fact (I’m uneducated on this front, but I presume that the TV production side might be of greater concern given the advertising and effort involved). I would say that sometimes, listening to the audio Pod can be similar to listening to a television sports broadcast without the video. Things are being discussed (e.g. “look at that play”, “check out [insert player name’s] Halloween costume”) but not in detail sufficient for any sort of visualization on the part of the viewer.

    One of my favorite parts about the podcast in the past was that when I was at work or on the train or whatever – “Gary”, ”Cuban Pete”, and ”Serge’s favorite blogger” did such a great job summarizing key plays that if I hadn’t yet caught the game or seen the highlights, I could still visualize exactly what happened (even to the point where once I did get to watch the action at-issue, it played-out just how you guys described). In any case, on this front I feel like the extra access to game video clips and such can be a blessing and a curse (at least when the video is not currently available in a more “on demand” basis on the blog). Anyways, perhaps if you could just put out some sort of quick notice to the fans confirming that “hey, we are a TV show now, this is how we’ll be distributing the Pod” or something, folks would be able to adjust their consumption habits accordingly (though to be fair, I felt that today’s episode was a bit of an improvement on this front compared to Friday).

    It sounds like some other fans have had an experience similar to mine (and have made other noteworthy comments, e.g. making the show more “Podcast-friendly” [if possible], more Q***f Van Horn / Rounders Talk / updates on Moo Milk Bar / Crepes-a-Go-Go / “it’s hard not to love the Pelican” drops, etc.), but I remain confident that you all will continue to improve and deliver on what we in the Army have come to expect – the best NBA content out there (both on the blog and the Pod).

    Despite the often-whiny nature of the medium that is the “internet comment”, I should stress that I’m super-glad that you all are back and that we can enjoy a fun season with the Starters, I just wanted to point-out something that stood out to me at-times as I was listening to the first few shows.

    Oh and also the “Starters” banner should link back to the blog homepage.


  9. nickp says:

    TBJ, where have you gone?

    I hate to be this guy, but it just ain’t the same. I’ve been listening since before the condo- don’t remember what it was then, but I do remember the first day in the rec room.

    -Where did the drops go? This one really chaps me.
    -Really, “wanker” is too racy? Or too Canadian/British?
    -No pun gun? Boo.
    -Whatever you’ve replaced the book off payoff with is not working. If the NBA won’t let you talk gambling, just deep six it.
    -Too straight, not enough weirdness.
    -No overdose, or even overdosish behavior
    -I’ve never really thought Trey added much. And it seems like he and Leigh are just sort of sitting around without much to do.

    I’ll still listen (it’s certainly better than most of the BS on the air), but listening now makes me a little sad. But then I still miss “Napolean Says”.

    I hope you got paid a lot (I’m sure you did), because the show is not as good.

  10. TwanMelas says:

    Good show today. I feel that today’s show was way more pod friendly. I’m a podcast only listener and I appreciate the effort.. cuz I assume you’ve been reading these comments to the show the last few days.

    I hope that you guys (The Starters) are taking to heart some of the constructive criticism here… you know, after sifting through the whinny BS.

  11. Juan says:

    Don’t worry about all these whiners. You guys are doing great. It’s only the first week and suddenly all of these people that are getting premium content FOR FREE are whining about why it’s not up to their expectations and whatnot. Well, why don’t you all go make a podcast and be so successful that the NBA wants you to create a show for them? TBJ/The STARTERS still going strong.

    • TwanMelas says:

      Yeah man, it’s week two, episode four… they’re still figuring it out. We’ll eventually get to a place somewhere in between where all will be happy.

  12. Sam says:

    I really want you guys (the starters, tbj) that i love your show. Your show is not as good as it was a year ago. If i didn’t love your show i would not care so much and comment. I understand that you guys are just like me and this is your job and you need to get paid, I really hope the / turner is paying you well, you deserve it. But the product you have now is not as good as it was last year. I hope by commenting you know what my concerns are, more importantly i hope comes to its senses and realize that the reason they took you away from the score is because you serve a completely different function from their other programing. You guys are weird, you are fans, we want your perspective and we don’t want it censored. I hope and believe you can improve this, please try and get back to your roots. And / turner if you cant have the starters do what they do well why did you hire them, let them be weird.

  13. MRK WYT says:

    ITT: whining hipsters pissed that a podcast they listen to is on TV now

  14. nick says:

    a link back to the blog homepage from individual blog posts would be great.

  15. Gabe says:

    Action Bronson showing Kevin Love love on twitter was great.

  16. Cole says:

    Don’t listen to these wankers, they clearly have nothing better to do than nitpick (especially the dude with the six-paragraph response. Jesus, dude, get a life). You guys are doing great considering all the changes that have been made.

  17. Irwin says:

    I agree on the ‘link to the homepage’ comments. I’m able to work around this by going to the main page and just opening the articles into a new tab. However it would still be nice if we can link back to the main page, especially if we came from an article that was just linked externally (e.g. from TheStarters Facebook page).

    I too feel weird just listening to parts that are better seen. But then again this is what I’ve been doing since those times when Trey had a big board, so no big deal. Also those parts we don’t see are uploaded into the NBA Video archives anyway.

    Anyway keep up the great work guys.

    PS. Still hoping for a JD appearance.

  18. nick says:

    hey guys, just a heads up, the player up top keeps freezing on me within the first 5 minutes.
    Does it everytime, and if i try to start it again, it just goes back to the beginning, then picks a different spot to stop.

    I’ve gotten around it by going to the page and listening to it there.

  19. Sausages says:

    Yo today’s ep was awesome – even with audio only. I feel like you guys are getting the hang of this really quick.

    HOWEVAH, I must take umbrage with Tas’ sock hate. Flashy socks are for people who want a little color but can’t or don’t want to have it constantly showing, like with pants or a shirt. I started wearing them in high school because we had a dress code and socks were the one thing we could individualize.

  20. Melas to Society says:

    Wake up!
    the biggest problem is that they do not communicate with their fans at all. you can NOT not communicate in the year 2013 and the times of social networking ! this is a complete PR-fiasco. This is a slap in the face for all the longtime and faithful soldiers of the tbj-army. This is saying “we do not really care about you any longer because we do not have to anymore!”

    • Juan says:

      You’re kidding right? Trey is always commenting on the posts. Skeets and Tas reply to fans on twitter all the time. I know it’s not as personal as before and now that they’re on NBA TV they have a larger audience so you feel neglected, but remember, you’re not special. They’re moving on up and they could have said screw you to all of their fans, but they still post on social media, do AMAs on Reddit, still do podcasts even though they have a TV show now.

    • Tas Melas Tas Melas says:

      Pick something else to whine about, because this is absolutely crazy.

  21. Melas to Society says:

    1. Rose needs to tell them:”You gotta give the people what they want!!”

    2. Kenny needs to cut into the show and drive off trey whenever he tries to be funny or cool.

    3. Coach Nick needs to tell them that their 2 on 2 host-system doesn’t work.

  22. chuj says:

    i love how leigh looks like a deer about to be run over by a truck whenever he looks directly into the camera

    • Melas to Society says:

      you should have seen him when he froze in utter fear when he accidentally cursed on the first episode.

  23. TeamRegime says:

    Dwayne Wade trying to be Tyler, the Creator

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