Mon. Feb. 10: Hot Cheeks

, on February 10, 2014 , 1:28PM


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On Monday’s live episode of The Starters, the guys discuss the Pistons coaching change before naming their NBA weekend winners (Cavs, Anthony Davis, Chris Paul) and losers (intentionally fouling poor free throw shooters, the Wolves, Tyreke Evans.) All that, plus Kate Upton, Beard Night in Milwaukee, and dunks.




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3 Responses to “Mon. Feb. 10: Hot Cheeks”

  1. Melas to Society says:

    Instead of tas reheating old tbj-jokes (dancing hedo, angry fisher tapping the ball,…..)
    and trying so hard to be the center of the humorpart of the show……….give the other guys some room!
    let trey come up with something (he meanwhile became a legit sport commentator) or skeets or matt!
    make interesting and FRESH and creative pop culture again!
    why not including you crew! they are hilarious!
    pamela powder vs skeets face, the trippleganger (combination of leigh,trey and tas=the producer?), the notorious big waterboy, maria”no it is your turn to give the water” esposita……..

  2. Melas to Society says:

    1. leigh’s voice is very very low in volume compared to you other guys.
    2. this blog still has bugs and display errors!come on!

  3. […] who named them one of the “Winners of the Weekend on Monday’s show, which episode is available on and for free in the iTunes podcast […]

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