Matt Bonner finally got some more New Balances

, on October 22, 2013 , 6:22PM


One of the strangest running most minorest of minor storylines in the NBA is the adventures of the San Antonio Spurs’ Matt Bonner and his New Balances. Seriously, there are stories dating back at least three years about Bonner and his precious NBs. That is an awfully long time to be tracking the shoe movements of an NBA role player and a shoe brand that doesn’t even make basketball shoes anymore.


Nonetheless, for years now, we’ve known all about Matt Bonner’s ordeal with New Balance basketball shoes. And that’s where that video you see up there, from our friends at Nice Kicks, is all about  – it’s nearly seven minutes of Matt Bonner talking about his how much he loves New Balances because they are comfortable, but also how he is running out of shoes.

And while that would be good enough, if all we got out of this is was an honest discussion regarding the merits of New Balance’s years-defunct basketball shoes. But things took a turn for the even better once New Balance caught wind of the heat Bonner’s testimonial — and his subsequent “#AskBonner” takeover of Nice Kicks’ twitter feed — was getting online.



Yep, that’s right — after years of trying to somehow get New Balance to send him some shoes, a little internet magic finally got New Balance to send him some shoes. And even though it’s clear Bonner has no idea what is really going on with this mystery Twitter shoe deal, it’s still pretty chill that the internet’s consistent fascination with the hilarity of Matt Bonner being the only NBA player who wears New Balances finally paid off in something. This may be the greatest feat of social engineering of our generation. Or on the other hand, maybe not.


Nonetheless, New Balance deciding to hook Bonner up with some more shoes means at least one good thing — another couple years of giggling at Matt Bonner’s New Balances.

9 Responses to “Matt Bonner finally got some more New Balances”

  1. MTL_Dave says:

    I actually had those shoes and they are BY FAR the most comfortable I ever wore to play ball.

  2. Jay says:

    No shame I wear NBs all the time! Walk Free or Die!

  3. Medja says:

    Matt Bonner has to be the most down to earth NBA’r of all time. Guy is ridiculously normal human being.

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  5. Bosh.0 says:

    The struggle is real…

  6. Waterboy Arroyo says:

    Darn it! I had my little Crazy Stupid Love joke going for this post, but when I submitted it, it went http 4005 and now I don’t feel like writing it again. Bummers.

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  8. JB says:

    Bonner finally gets his New Balances! This is truly heartwarming.

    • The jerr says:

      Not hating on Bonner but I kept feeling like he was begging for a sponsorship. Guy can afford to go try on shoes for fit and comfort and buy them himself if need be

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