Usually I am only a moderate fan of auto-tuned sing-song kind-of rapping, but then Kanye West comes along and does an auto-tuned rant about Michael Jordan’s ill-fated stint with the Wizards while in the United Center and now I am 100 percent in. In fact, this just might be my all-time favorite Kanye West song, now that I’m really thinking about it. Sorry “Drive Slow,” but when a Chicagoan legit sings something that every Bulls fan has thought at some point, it’s time for a replacement. Those really were the best years of our life, I too believed I could fly and wanted to be like Mike, so this is officially my new favorite song, full stop. Thank you for speak-singing truth to power, Kanye. Realest stuff he’s ever said.


(Original video via Ryan Corazza, SFW up top)

3 Responses to “Kanye West ranted about Michael Jordan’s Wizards stint during a concert in Chicago”

  1. afrocarter says:

    Can’t watch this atm since I’m at work, but this is already amazing.

  2. beyne says:

    kanye is great at building his celebrity, no coverage is bad coverage

  3. Rob K says:

    Sorry Trey but this sucks.

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