James Harden stole one of Dwight Howard’s All-Star patches after being made fun of

, on February 18, 2014 , 3:15PM


As if NBA players needed anything else to compete over, adidas recently started hooking the All-Stars up with letterman jacket-ish patches that show off their various accomplishments in the league. They look wicked and they’re an incredible way to show off just how ballin you are, but it can also lead to some gentle ribbing of the kind you see above. I mean, of course hyper-competitive basketball players are going to get on their bros about not being totally patched out.


And while that sort of thing is funny enough, it’s even better when you see something like this (via Reddit):


james harden patch




james harden patch closeup


That’s right — James Harden is wearing one of Dwight Howard’s rebounding champion patches. And having seen this confluence of events, logic holds that the main reason is because Dwight was ragging on him pregame, so Harden felt bad about having just the one patch, and then commandeered one of his teammate’s so that he would look just a bit more accomplished than all those one-timers who also have just a single patch. Because if Kyrie Irving is going to be outchea looking like a pin collector at Disney World, then you know someone who has made the exact same amount of All-Star Games is going to want to look just as important.


Hopefully this sort of thing keeps happening every All-Star Game, because that’s going to be something that will be fun to keep track of. It’s kind of like a who’s-feeling-most-inadequate contest, which might be my favorite kind.

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  1. Stefán Smári says:

    Why doesn’t Harden have a patch for Sixth Man of the Year. Surely that deserves a patch?

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