Is Cliff Robinson going to be on the next season of ‘Survivor’?

, on November 19, 2013 , 4:30PM

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It all started with a tweet.



Which sent me searching as fast as I have ever searched for anything in my life, as “Survivor” and Cliff Robinson are two things that I am very in to. And that’s where I found this on a well-respected “Survivor” forum literally called “Survivor Sucks”:


cliff robinson survivor

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So basically, Cliff Robinson’s Twitter inactivity and following list leads people to believe that Cliff Robinson is going to be on “Survivor.” And really, that’s kind of good enough for me and obviously good enough for the Survivor Sucks people, who are treating this as a lock. I won’t believe it until I see it, but “Survivor” has been known to throw an athlete or famous person on there and the tea leaves certainly point towards Uncle Cliffy being a special guest who will be voted out early because he is 6-foot-10 and your classic “physical threat.”


Personally, I hope it’s true. Not only is “Survivor” the greatest, Cliff Robinson is one of the first non-Bulls I ever really cared about and kind of the reason I started wearing a headband back in high school. I don’t know how he’d ever keep his identity secret on the show — which would probably get him voted off instantly since it’d be common knowledge that he made a ton of money while playing — but I really hope he’s on it and that he brings one of those headbands as a luxury item. Even on “Survivor,” a Clifford Robinson without a headband isn’t really a Clifford Robinson at all.

9 Responses to “Is Cliff Robinson going to be on the next season of ‘Survivor’?”

  1. beyne says:

    Pro athletes never survive these things, especially when the contestants know about it

  2. thush gunadasa says:

    Thats awesome!! i love survivor, you guys should do a survivor podcast, that would be very popular. and in response to Byne, i reckon if NBA players did go on they wouldn’t last very long, although someone like Kobe or King James who are popular, seem fairly social could do well, prob not suited for a westbrook or griffin

  3. trey kerby, trust me, it’s true

  4. Wes says:

    Furthest a professional athlete ever got in Survivor was Grant Mattos, who in the 22nd season received 6th place.
    Unless you count Aras Baskauskas, winner of Survivor: Panama, who was a professional basketball player in Lithuania.

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  6. Fierceness Redux says:

    Hey, I am the Sucks poster who originally identified Uncle Cliffy as being on the next Survivor season.

    My methods are tried and true…so the only way Cliff isn’t on next season is if multiple actual cast members conspired to follow the same NBA player on Twitter at the same time. And then somehow hacked Cliff’s Twitter to remove two months of activity.

    I also used to be a steady Jones viewer/listener back from 2009-2011 so it’s cool to see you guys (albeit indirectly) cite me.

    So good morning, sweet world.

  7. […] that Uncle Cliffy would be in Jeff Probst’s subsequent tellurian termite farm, so they launched a consummate investigation. An review that finished where all reality-TV investigations end: online summary boards. The quick […]

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