Fri. Dec. 13: Superstar Status

, on December 13, 2013 , 1:34PM


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On Friday’s live episode of The Starters, the guys discuss superstar LaMarcus Aldridge, Robin Lopez’s defensive impact, Andray “Kobe” Blatche, the All-Star Game votes first returns, the Kyle Lowry trade rumors, and Steve Blake’s injury.


All that, plus Worst of the Week, Tweet of the Week, and our Top 10 Plays of the Week.




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5 Responses to “Fri. Dec. 13: Superstar Status”

  1. ORANG_DRAGIC says:

    You guys should post the top 10 plays when you post the podcast! I’d love to watch them.

  2. beyne says:

    Aldridge isn’t an AllStar, Portlands wins are coming because of Lillard, and Matthews. Spurs twice and LMA didn’t play that great

  3. Billy Bolt says:

    Beyne….that was a terrible comment. Makes no sense and does not even warrant a rebuttal.

    Enjoyed the podcast and thought you guys were spot on about L.A. He deserves to be in the running, but will never be MVP because we are a small market team. I’ve been a Blazer fan since I was 10 and with exception to the Clyde era this has been the most exciting season of basketball I can remember. True team basketball reminds me why I love this game. These Blazers are a tight bunch and it’s nice to see such chemistry. No matter what happens up here the rest of the season everyone here in Portland is having one hell of a good time. We could not be more proud of this group of guys. RIP CITY!

  4. Don says:

    re: Hard Fouls on Blake

    First of all Blake’s vertical is insane and he weaponizes it in a game better than almost anyone in the league. That being said, because Blake can leap from so far away from the rim, it hurts him in that fouls are going to be harder. Someone taking off from where he does is usually taking it to the rack and either finishing around someone or getting fouled hard. The player just taking a lay-up, even if it is a hard foul, is taking much less of a hit than someone trying to fly and slam it. There are situations where other players hit him to not get dunked on. However, there are at least as many where a hard foul was going to happen anyway, whether it was a dunk or not.

    So it seems dumb in a way, but his amazing vertical/leaping ability actually hurts him somewhat by making him vulnerable in the air. For his future, I hope he cuts down on the more reckless jumps for alleys. Not implying all of his alley-oop chances are reckless but some of them certainly are when there’s another player directly in front of him.

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