Dwyane Wade is designing ties and pocket squares now

, on November 14, 2013 , 3:00PM

dwyane wade tie


I don’t know how to break this to you, but it seems like Dwyane Wade can’t stop designing menswear accessories. Yes, it’s serious. Because after first becoming a sock designer, now Wade is getting in to the tie game.


From a press release from The Tie Bar:


“The collection in which Wade collaborated with Calyann Barnett, Creative Director of Brand Wade, features 29 silk bow ties, 15 neckties and two dozen pocket squares, a selection of which will be released on November 20, 2013. The remainder is slated for release in early December, just in time for the holiday season.


“The range encompasses classic prints such as polka dot, modern geometric prints as well as saturated solids. Additionally, a limited assortment of seven tie bars and four cufflinks rounds out the offering and further establishes the collection as a destination for men’s accessories. Each item bears a label that reads ‘Dwyane Wade for The Tie Bar.’”


You see? He can’t stop. And he won’t stop. Can’t you see it’s he who designs those ties. Can’t you see it’s he who dresses guys.


But seriously, this is kind of crazy, right? How much time is Dwyane Wade spending designing accessories? Because it seems like two collections of accessories would take up a lot of time, even if all he’s really doing is picking colors and materials. Not that he’s Anna Wintour-ing things and spending hours and hours approving things, but still.


The good news is that between Dwyane Wade and Russell Westbrook, we’ll have NBA-designed underwear, socks, ties and pocket squares taken care of on the accessories front, so there can’t be too much more for anyone to design. I mean, yeah, a line of lensless glasses is basically a guarantee at this point, but after that it’s all undershirts, hats and frilly lace cravats. No one’s crazy enough to dip their designer toes in to those waters. Hopefully.


(via SLAM)

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  1. beyne says:

    who cares? noone

    is this a basketball site or a GQ forum?

  2. Alan Six says:

    “You see? He can’t stop. And he won’t stop. Can’t you see it’s he who designs those ties. Can’t you see it’s he who dresses guys.”….this legit made me laugh out loud at work

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