Russell Westbrook doesn’t know what memes are

, on October 14, 2014 , 2:00PM

russell westbrook scary dunk


Important news re: memes, my friends.



This. Will. Not. Stand.


So as one of the basketball internet’s foremost experts on memes, here’s a quick refresher course for Russell Westbrook on some popular memes.





A very popular Twitter meme (and also a Prince song), #ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin shows ill-fated relationship scenarios between two compatible people. You know, like when two fashion-forward superstar guards come up with the same team, but one gets traded because of money.


westbrook fashion doge


Fashion Doge

An extension of the standard Doge meme, Fashion Doge allows fancy dogs to show off their finest wares, like a bowtie AND suspenders AND clear glasses AND a fedora. All at once. Wow. Much influence.


ibaka westbrook do you even lift


Do You Even Lift Bro?

A Starters office classic, Do You Even Lift Bro? shows a small, fit dude asking an obviously jacked dude if they lift weights, leading to the meathead getting very upset about being accused of being small.


westbrook not sure if


Not Sure If…

Not Sure If… is the perfect meme for when you’re pretty confused by what’s going on. For instance, if a reporter asks you a question that doesn’t makes sense and you really want to ridicule them, hit them with the side-eye to make them feel like a total idiot.


westbrook booty had me like


Booty Had Me Like

Another Twitter classic, Booty Had Me Like shows people having their minds blown by a booty. As Russell Westbrook makes lots of crazy faces on the court, there is no shortage of meme-able pictures.


westbrook perkins true detective



Find a picture of two people next to each other, hashtag it #TrueDetectiveSeason2 and you’ve made a meme. It helps if the two people are both striking double-teapots and it would be hilarious to imagine them solving crimes.


westbrook grumpy cat


Grumpy Cat

Because Russell Westbrook is grumpy and a cat.



These are just a few of the at least 100 memes out there, but this is just a quick primer so that Russell Westbrook can know what memes are. Now that he’s got some background, the next step in his meme education is creating memes. I’ll be waiting for a call.


(via SBNation)

Video: ‘Rollin’ Thunder,’ your new favorite OKC rap song

, on May 22, 2014 , 11:13AM


Just when you thought Oklahoma City was in trouble, but then The Iyengars drop a hot single like this and totally change the series. This is the kind of anthem that can galvanize a team, fan base and city, and the team needs to play this on the Jumbotron during Game 3. Guaranteed victory.

Video: A sea lion kissing Kendrick Perkins

, on March 24, 2014 , 3:00PM


If you’ve ever wondered to yourself what on Earth makes Kendrick Perkins smile, it appears the answer is straight-up kissing. Because between this and his wedding pics, it’s become pretty obvious that the quickest way to a Perkins smile is with a smooch.


I mean, even an NBA title doesn’t get a grin, so it must be just kisses. Should have known. They have a stellar track record when it comes to this sort of thing.


(via Daily Thunder)

The Starters TV Clips: A tour of Kevin Durant’s restaurant menu

, on December 19, 2013 , 4:10PM


Do you like puns, food and basketball in equal amounts? Hope so, because we’ve got a whole bunch of all that stuff in this little jaunt through the ins and outs of the menu at Kevin Durant’s new restaurant. Tasty.


Enjoy it!

Two courtside fans at the Thunder game had to change out of their Rockets jerseys

, on November 19, 2013 , 3:00PM

rockets jerseys at thunder game


Generally, if you’re sitting courtside at an NBA game, you are the king of the world. You spent some monies, so you get to enjoy perks like a person bringing you your food to your seat or a mascot creepily standing very close to you without moving. It’s a really great experience.


However, sometimes things go awry. And I’m not talking about players passing to walkers-by either. I’ll let Royce Young from Daily Thunder take over:


Before the game there were two guys sitting courtside wearing Rockets jerseys. KD came over and asked them, “Do ya’ll know where you’re at?” The story is, one of their dads bought the tickets but is from Houston and told them if they were going to go, they had to wear that.


However, the jerseys didn’t last long as Clay Bennett apparently came over and told them to take them off, saying “lose them.” The irony here is excruciating since, you know, that Rockets Harden jersey wouldn’t even exist if Bennett would’ve just… oh forget it.


Now before you go thinking Clay Bennett is a big ol’ meanie who won’t let anyone have any fun, consider this, from one of the Houston Rockets bros:




See? He’s a nice guy. You don’t have to take the jersey off, you just probably should. Totally different.


But I guess it just goes to show you — it’s team jerseys or no jerseys when it comes to front row seats at a Thunder game. And while that might seem a little harsh, just remember that you probably still get a free t-shirt out of the deal, so you’re actually coming out on top shirts-wise. And that’s #smart

Russell Westbrook is modeling and designing underwear

, on November 12, 2013 , 2:45PM



I think it’s finally happened, you guys. I think we’ve finally jumped the shark with regards to the whole NBA fashion stuff. It was all fun and games when players wore silly clothes to press conferences, showed up at fashion week or even designed a line of women’s wear. But this latest development is just too far, I think.


From TMZ:


Our well-placed underwear sources tell us … Russell inked a “6-figure deal” with Kings and Jaxs that will require him to not only model the undies, but will also give him creative and design input.


I don’t even really know what to say. Maybe I’m crazy, but I just don’t think we need NBA players to be designing underwear. (I am actually kind of OK with the whole modeling part, because if you’re showing off the clothes a man wears when he’s almost naked, why wouldn’t you want to use someone with a killer physique? That is smart.) There just seems to be so many better uses of time. Like, I don’t know, literally anything. Underwear design is pretty on-point as it is, especially considering the wealth of options at our disposal.


But hey, a “6-figure deal” to show off your buns and decide exactly the kind of undies you want to be wearing is nothing to sneeze at. As long as Russell Westbrook doesn’t try to turn this underwear in to outerwear, everything should be fine. Besides, we’re used to seeing him in the tightest clothes imaginable anyways, so this shouldn’t be too drastic of a change.


(via Daily Thunder)

Video: Kevin Durant and Omer Asik doing laptop tricks

, on November 11, 2013 , 1:17PM


Call me crazy, but I think this might video might be fake. I don’t know. Might need to see some more evidence to really decide.



OK yeah, definitely fake. I was willing to buy it when it was just Kevin Durant, because he’s used to handling the ball and doing fancy stuff with it, so it just makes sense that he would also be good at twirling a laptop (as if that’s something someone can be good at). But Omer Asik? No way. He’s only been credited with a single dribble drive this season, so yeah right.


Because otherwise? Totally believable. The internet has never told a lie.

There is a Kickstarter to ‘raise awareness for Jeremy Lamb’

, on November 6, 2013 , 4:45PM



Have you heard of Jeremy Lamb? You know, the small-headed, big-eyed, sweet-shooting guard who’s the new James Harden replacement in Oklahoma City. I’m guessing you have — it’s his second year in the league and he has an NCAA title, so he’s not a complete unknown in the basketball world.


So yeah, I’m assuming you know who Jeremy Lamb is, and that’s where the internet needs your help. Because if you know who he is, maybe you’ll want to get down on this Kickstarter, which exists for the sole reason of letting people know who he his. From the description:


I read this article a few days ago talking about how Jeremy Lamb’s play could be a cause for concern for the OKC Thunder this season. When I saw this, I was like “WHAAAT?! Are you SERIOUS Bleacher Report?!” The former Husky and Tulsa 66er has been showing a TON of promise, and my bet is on him to come up big this season.


Look, I’m not saying I can predict the future…but I can*, and this kid is going to be HUGE. He’s got all the talent in the world and is ONLY 21! What were you doing when you were 21? Probably not playing in the NBA, or dunking on D-Rose, that’s what.


*I cannot actually see the future.


In order to raise awareness for Lambsanity, I plan to print t-shirts and stickers with this logo in support of the young star, but I need YOUR HELP to get these shirts and stickers made.


Lamb is in for a BIG year. If you are a believer*…show your support by helping get the word out and ROCKING a Lambsanity Tee!!! Get yours by checking out the rewards on this page! [...]


Just remember: right now, millions of children are living in “Jeremy Lamb-lessness”…


OK sure, I guess Jeremy Lamb is maybe not the most notable player in the NBA. He’s played barely 200 minutes in his career, and the “famous guy on the Thunder” spots are pretty well taken. It definitely makes sense that not everyone would know who he is, but a Kickstarter just to let people know who he is seems a bit ambitious. I mean, “Lambsanity” hasn’t even happened yet. Things aren’t even the least bit Lambsane.


On the other hand, I do like the gumption and guerrilla marketing aspect of creating a Kickstarter for a random player to “raise awareness” of that player. It’s way better than just stopping people on the street and asking them if they’ve heard of some guy on some team. (I do this all the time and no one has ever heard of Pero Antic.) Not to mention, you get a t-shirt that says “I Heart J Lamb,” which is pretty close to “I love lamp” for all you “Anchorman” heads out there. And if things go Lambsane at any time, you’ll be in on the ground floor.


Plus, if this thing works out and Jeremy Lamb becomes a household name, we might see Kickstarters for more lesser-known players in the league, which is never a bad thing. I mean, I’d chip in $20 if it means that everyone in America knows about Andray Blatche.


(via Daily Thunder)

Whoops Alert: Erik Murphy standing up and Kendrick Perkins passing

, on October 24, 2013 , 9:30AM


Erik Murphy is a rookie who hasn’t even played his first real NBA game yet, so it’s understandable that he wouldn’t have mastered the professional art of grabbing another guy’s hand and letting him help you up. I figured that was something they covered at the rookie transition program, but apparently that course isn’t on the curriculum. He’s still young and eager to learn, so I’m sure he’ll catch on eventually.


So at least he has an excuse, unlike Kendrick Perkins, who also whoops-ed things up during last night’s Thunder-Bulls game.



Despite the fact he notched triple-digits in assists (111) last season for the first time in his career, Kendrick Perkins has never been much of a passer. And he’s definitely never been much of a flashy passer. But at least it’s the preseason, where Perkins leading a fast break and trying to throw an alley-oop to Jeremy Lamb, who Perkins played exactly two minutes with last year, is something that can seem like a good idea. As we know now, it’s not.


That was the last exhibition game for the Thunder this year, and the Bulls have one more this Friday, so we can expect all these little kinks to be totally ironed out once the season officially tips off next week. I mean, plays this silly won’t happen during the regular season, right?


(GIFs via Daily Thunder and CJ Zero)