Video: Shaquille O’Neal among those taken on HBO’s ‘The Leftovers’

, on June 30, 2014 , 12:15PM


Dag. Really going to miss Shaq. He had a great run — basketball, movies, TV, rap music, soda pops, clothing, websites, other websites. Not sure how we’ll ever replace someone like him, but he’s in a better place now.



Proposed nicknames for all 60 2014 NBA draftees

, on June 27, 2014 , 2:15PM

2014 draft board


Once a year, I come up with a bunch of dumb nicknames for everyone in the draft, knowing that said nicknames will never be used by anyone else. It’s my favorite thing of the year. Here is this year’s edition:


1 — Andrew “Andy” Wiggins
2 — “Jolly” Jabari Parker
3 — Joel “Embones” Embiid
4 — Aaron “Deputy Commissioner” Gordon
5 — Dante “Hex Em” Exum
6 — Marcus “Smarc” Smart
7 — Julius “Adjunct Professor J” Randle
8 — Nik “The Stick” Stauskas
9 — Noah “Silent H” Vonleh
10 — Elfrid “Cloudhead” Payton


doug mcdermott draft


11 — Doug “Dougie McDougDoug” McDermott
12 — Dario Saric a.k.a. “Dario Nasaric”
13 — Zach “Maroon 1″ LeVine
14 — T.J. “Wiggly” Warren
15 — Adreian “Major” Payne
16 — Jusuf “Stevens” Nurkic
17 — “Sweet Baby” James Young
18 — Tyler “The Creator” Ennis
19 — Gary Harris a.k.a. “Hairy Garris”
20 — Bruno “Who Know?” Caboclo



Fri. June 27: NBA Draft Recap

, on June 27, 2014 , 1:11PM


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On Friday’s episode of The Starters, the guys discuss anything and everything about the 2014 NBA Draft, including how happy Andrew Wiggins and Julius Randle were to end up where they did, if the Sixers are tanking too hard and Noah Vonleh’s perfect look. All that, plus Isaiah Austin’s awesome draft moment.




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Thu. June 26: NBA Draft Preview

, on June 26, 2014 , 1:49PM


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On Thursday’s episode of The Starters, the guys discuss key questions heading into tonight’s NBA Draft, the Knicks/Mavericks six-player deal, why the Rockets traded Omer Asik to the Pelicans, and Arron Afflalo heading back to Denver. That, plus our Top 10 Worst Draft Day Suits. We see you, Drew Gooden.




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Full episode: The Starters Best of 2013-14, part 2

, on June 26, 2014 , 11:45AM


If you haven’t checked out Part 1 of our Best Of shows, do that first. Once you’ve done that, hop back over here and get some laughs going. Next thing you know, you’re caught up on a full season’s worth of television shows, through the power of computing. That’s great efficiency.


Enjoy it!

Video: The Hornets’ new court is appropriately honeycombed

, on June 26, 2014 , 10:45AM


Just like anyone else born between 1980 and 1990, I’m a little bit invested in seeing how this new iteration of the Charlotte Hornets turns out. And after the jerseys that were almost perfect — the whites are great, but the teal and purple should have white around the digits, but otherwise AG — getting a chance to peep their court was the next big thing to see. After all, outside of the colors, pinstripes, Muggsy Bogues, Grandmama, Rex Chapman’s spandex and Kelly Tripucka’s mouth, the honeycomb lane is one of the defining looks of the first version of the Hornets.


And now that they’ve unveiled the court, I think we can all agree this is a solid upgrade. Just like the jerseys, it’s not a simple remake, but rather, the designers took the essence of the old franchise and reinvented it to make it more modern day. Which is good, since the 90s aren’t as cool as you remember. Personally, I think it looks magnificent, and I love that the honeycombs made a reappearance, albeit in an updated way.


As far as I’m concerned, two stingers up. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.

Video: Michael Jordan loves your beautiful hair

, on June 26, 2014 , 10:00AM


If you’ve ever seen Scottie Pippen’s legendary Mr. Submarine commercial, then you know that late-80s/mid-90s Bulls commercials were equally plentiful and bewildering. This one, for Gentle Treatment from 1986, is no different. I mean, it’s basically just Michael Jordan creeping on a reporter for having beautiful hair, and when I say “basically,” I mean that is what it is entirely.


Which is to say, two thumbs up.


(via Bulls on Parade)

Video: R. Kelly pitches Carmelo Anthony on Chicago with a song

, on June 25, 2014 , 11:00AM


Click forward to about the 6:40 mark of this interview with R. Kelly to hear the most beautiful free agency pitch since the Magic bought Dwight Howard all his favorite candies. If this doesn’t convince Carmelo Anthony to sign with the Bulls, then nothing will.


(via Fake Shore Drive)

Full episode: The Starters Best of 2013-14, part 1

, on June 25, 2014 , 8:00AM


Time flies when you’re making a daily TV show. I mean, it feels like just yesterday that our NBATV coworkers had no idea who we were, and now we’re pretty sure they do. At the very least, we had fun.


Check back here for part two tomorrow, or catch it on NBATV tonight at 6pm ET. Enjoy it!

Fri. June 20: Rip Up Those Mock Drafts

, on June 20, 2014 , 1:26PM


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On Friday’s episode of The Starters, the guys discuss the Joel Embiid injury and its effect on next week’s NBA Draft. That, plus reserves ready for a starting role, Aussie Rules, the Charlotte Hornets’ new uniforms, and Leigh’s most memorable Game 6 moments in NBA Finals history.




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