Wed. May 14: Replay Controversy

, on May 14, 2014 , 5:25PM


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On Wednesday’s live episode of The Starters, the guys discuss the Clippers/Thunder controversial call, Chris Paul’s worst minute of his career, Marcin Gortat killin’ the Pacers, and Stan Van Gundy joining the Detroit Pistons. All that, plus Crossfire, signature kicks, and Gatorade chugs.



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NBA Happenings: May 14, 2014

, on May 14, 2014 , 11:00AM

reggie jackson russell westbrook laughing


Shoutout: Marcin Gortat should be immediately inducted in to the Wizards’ Hall of Fame after throwing up a huge, nose-sized 31 points and 16 rebounds in a road playoff victory in an elimination game. Yes, it was that impressive. Not to mention, it’s the Wizards we’re talking about here, so it’s not like there is a ton of postseason history that would push him out of the way. I mean, Randy Wittman is already fifth all-time in playoff coaching victories throughout Washington franchise history, so yeah, this is a legendary performance.


Not so much: Are you kidding me, referees in Oklahoma City? I don’t know that I’m as mad as Doc Rivers, since I wasn’t playing in the game on either side, but there’s no reason refs should be this big of a story in the playoffs. And it wasn’t just the botch job at the end either, because the Clippers were in foul trouble ALL NIGHT SON, plus they got hosed on two earlier out of bounds calls that the refs blew and couldn’t review. Simply put, when Bill Simmons is totally nailing his random predictions, you know something is wrong.


Angry: Curious about how mad Doc Rivers is about the way last night’s Game 5 ended? This mad.



See that? He’s very mad. “Incensed,” some would say. “Furious,” others would chime in, while still more might say “totally ticked off.” Though I guess you could also say he was “fuming.” Basically, there are a lot of synonyms for being mad and Doc Rivers was all of them.