Thu. May 8: Roy To The World!

, on May 8, 2014 , 4:29PM


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On Thursday’s live episode of The Starters, the guys discuss Roy Hibbert’s best game of the playoffs, “Hustle” Westbrook, Serge Ibaka’s defense on Blake, Jamal Crawford’s Sixth Man of the Year award, whether Andrew Bynum will play another game in the league, and who we’d like to see win the NBA Draft Lottery. All that, plus Trey makes a beard bet!




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NBA Happenings: May 8, 2014

, on May 8, 2014 , 10:05AM

jay z jimmy goldstein


Shoutout: Kevin Durant had 32-12-9 and Russell Westbrook had 31-10-10* in the Thunder’s Game 2 victory over the Clippers. Just a hunch, but if OKC’s superstars are both going to post near triple-doubles — because, as that asterisk infers, Westbrook’s last assist was 100 percent not an assist — in every game, they are going to go pretty far. In fact, I’d say the Clippers should try to limit the number of near triple-doubles these two post from here on out, but I’m not a coach.


Not so much: John Wall went 2-13 last night, including 0-4 from three, and scored just six points in the Wizards’ Game 2 loss to the Pacers. That’s bad, but his two rushed threes and turnover in the finals 2:24 of the game was even worse. Clean it up, bro — you’re supposed to be a floor general now, or so I’ve heard.


We did it: I don’t want us to take 100 percent credit for Roy Hibbert’s 28 points, nine rebounds and two blocks, but it’s pretty hard to ignore that his performance came on the very same night we offered him some inspirational advice.



You’re welcome, entire state of Indiana.