Various papers that say the Knicks are the best team in the league

, on April 14, 2014 , 3:00PM


Amar’e Stoudemire literally said that quote you see right there. And he said it yesterday, after the Knicks had already been eliminated from the playoffs despite playing in the Eastern Conference and despite having the second-highest payroll in the entire league this season. Whoops.


Or not so whoops? I scoured the NBATV offices to see if there was any truth to the rumor that the Knicks might be the best team in the league, but only on paper. The results may surprise you.


knicks notebook


Notebook paper.


knicks printer paper


Printer paper.



Mon. Apr. 14: Have It All

, on April 14, 2014 , 1:33PM


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On Monday’s live episode of The Starters, the guys run thru their NBA weekend winners and losers. That, plus poor multiplication, Markieff Morris’ thoughts on the Sixth Man of the Year award, the Knicks interest in Lamar Odom, and much, much more.




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NBA Happenings: Apr. 14, 2014

, on April 14, 2014 , 9:30AM

dave joerger smile


Shoutout: 47 points, five assists and three steals for Stephen Curry in an overtime loss in Portland. When you score like that, it doesn’t matter if your team wins or loses, at least from a fake internet award standpoint. In that scenario, wins and losses are irrelevant.


Not so much: The Sacramento Kings played their penultimate game last night, a game in which DeMarcus Cousins picked up his 16th technical of the season, which means he’ll be suspended for the Kings’ final game of the season (assuming the tech isn’t rescinded), a home tilt against the Suns. Sacramento ganked a win off the Timberwolves though, so I guess it wasn’t the worst night ever.


Streetz: I literally did not know that this kind of play could exist between Zach Randolph and Nick Calathes.



Not only did this mind-blowing basketball thing happen, the Grizzlies won, meaning they’re just a win away from clinching a playoff spot in the Western Conference. They play Phoenix tonight, and the Suns are the team who just so happen to be chasing Memphis for that last spot. Should be bonkers.