Rudy Gay blames O.J. Mayo’s weight gain on living in Wisconsin

, on March 24, 2014 , 4:30PM

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Brace yourselves, because it’s time to read the greatest quote of this NBA season. It was said by Rudy Gay, it was about O.J. Mayo and it’s from Cowbell Kingdom:


He’s had a bad season, but he’s still a good player. He’s a little overweight, hasn’t played a lot this season, but he’s still O.J. Mayo in there and I’ve seen him do things like that all the time. So I wasn’t surprised at all. He can hit tough shots. He’s a ball player. He can do it. For whatever reason of how he turned out or whatever, gained a little weight, whatever, he’s still a good ball player.


Follow-up question: was Gay surprised to see a bigger Mayo?


Was I surprised to see it? Little bit. I haven’t seen him, but we talked a little bit. He said he was hurt, and I guess when you’re hurt in Wisconsin, you eat.


Emphasis mine, so you can know what exactly is the best quote so far this season. I could be forgetting a legendary zinger, of course, but a startlingly accurate Wisconsin burn is near and dear to my heart. I challenge you to find a better quote than this from this season, and I also challenge you to disprove Rudy’s Eating in Milwaukee theory, which was only helped given the brutal winter the Midwest has endured. Hook it up in the comments if you prove either of these statements wrong.

Video: A sea lion kissing Kendrick Perkins

, on March 24, 2014 , 3:00PM


If you’ve ever wondered to yourself what on Earth makes Kendrick Perkins smile, it appears the answer is straight-up kissing. Because between this and his wedding pics, it’s become pretty obvious that the quickest way to a Perkins smile is with a smooch.


I mean, even an NBA title doesn’t get a grin, so it must be just kisses. Should have known. They have a stellar track record when it comes to this sort of thing.


(via Daily Thunder)

Mon. Mar. 24: Imperial March

, on March 24, 2014 , 1:38PM


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On Monday’s live episode of The Starters, the bros select a few NBA weekend winners and losers before discussing a frustrated LeBron James, the Rookie of the Year race, ads inevitably coming to jerseys, Kevin Garnett’s back spasms, and much, much more.




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NBA Happenings: Mar. 24, 2014

, on March 24, 2014 , 9:30AM

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Shoutout: 31 and 10 for Jarrett Jack, who led the Cavaliers to a hilarious win over the Knicks. Speaking of…


Not so much: HUGE anti-shoutout to the Knicks, who turned a 15-point halftime lead in to a six-point home loss while they’re in the middle of a playoff race. They’re currently three games back of the Hawks — who also lost on Sunday, meaning the Knicks had a chance to get even closer — and if you were looking for the worst possible loss at this time, at home to a non-playoff team when you lead by 15 at halftime while they’re playing without their All-Star point guard might take the moldy cake.


Ruh: I know we’ve all agreed Gerald Green is the league’s best in-game dunker, but I’m willing to allow Terrence Ross in to the conversation as well.



Main problem for me regarding Ross’ claim to the throne — while he is a great dunker who has won a dunk contest when you could still win them, all of his in-game dunks are one-handed tomahawks. They’re awesome, no doubt about that, but it’s the same thing every time. Raps won, by the way.