The Starters Xmas Day Special

, on December 23, 2013 , 1:39PM


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On The Starters’ mini-Xmas special, the guys preview the Christmas Day games, countdown the Top 10 assists of the season, and get a visit from Santa-helper, Brent Barry, who comes bearing gifts — specifically an old pack of basketball cards!


Programming note: We’ll be back on Dec. 26th with another holiday special. Happy holidays!




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Programming note: Happy Holidays

, on December 23, 2013 , 10:30AM


You may have realized that it’s Christmas time, which means it’s time for us to take a break. We’ll have a Christmas preview show coming soon, then an end-of-year episode that will play on NBATV a few times until the end of the year — neither of which will be streamed live, FYI. But after that, we’ll be off until January 2, when we return with a vengeance. No posts during that time either, since we’ll all be cozying up with our various loved ones.


So have a good Christmas, enjoy our end of year stuff, then come back January 2 for another year of The Starters. Be safe out there and enjoy it!