Taking a charge from Shaq really messed Kyle Korver up

, on December 10, 2013 , 5:15PM


While falling studio lights, possessed camera gibs and slipping on freshly-waxed hardwood basketball courts may be scary, the single biggest occupational hazard that comes from working at Turner Sports is turning a corner and accidentally running in to Shaquille O’Neal. You might think I’m joking, but taking a full-on body shot from a 7-foot-1, 325-pounder is a serious danger.


Still don’t believe me? Read this little story from Kyle Korver’s mom about what happened to her son after he took a walloping from the Diesel. From Grantland:


Mom: “It’s physical out there!” Her son took a charge from Shaq once. Had to eat through a straw after that for a while. Had a ringing in his ears for days.


Eating through a straw AND ringing in the ears from one elbows-high charge? I know Kyle Korver weighs like 200 pounds less than Shaq and took a how bow to the face, but grugens is that quite the destruction. No wonder this was Korver’s go-to defense for a while.


But now that we know this, I think it’s wise that all of us keep our heads on a swivel any time there’s a chance we might literally run in to Shaquille O’Neal. Better safe than sorry. Because Boost is fine for breakfast, but an Ensure for dessert is just insulting.

Here’s a guy with Michael Jordan shaved in his beard

, on December 10, 2013 , 4:30PM

michael jordan beard


Well, it looks like we have a new leader in the clubhouse for “Best/Worst Hair Carving Featuring an NBA Player.” Sorry, Matt Bonner Hair Kid.


From Bleacher Report:


Students at the University of Toledo medical school grew their facial hair like many others in the month of November, but they saw an opportunity to do more. During the course of the month, people could bid on the rights to shave a beard however they so chose. All proceeds would go to their community clinic.


Fortunately for Ali, pictured above, the winning bidder knew he was a fan of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.


There is not much to say about a man with the Jumpman logo and a jammed-in “BULLs” shaved in to his beard, because such a thing literally says it all. And what it says is, “I have a Michael Jordan Bulls beard.” There isn’t a whole lot that you can add to that.


But on the plus side, having a Michael Jordan beard is still better than having Michael Jordan’s mustache. Some things, no matter how small, are just unforgivable.


(via Nick De Paula)

Video: ‘I Believe in Masai,’ an R. Kelly parody

, on December 10, 2013 , 3:00PM


Have you ever wanted to see two grown Canadians who aren’t Skeets and Tas sing a classic R. Kelly slow jam about the Raptors’ miracle-working general manager? You’ve probably never really thought about that before, but when you search your heart, you’ll find the answer is a resounding “yes,” followed by several ad-libbed “Woos.”


Can’t wait for their follow-up, “Down Low-ry (Somebody Has to Go).”

Tue. Dec. 10: Ten Minutes Early

, on December 10, 2013 , 1:36PM


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On Tuesday’s live episode of The Starters, the guys discuss the short-handed Kings and how Rudy Gay will fit, Stephen Jackson joinin’ the Clips, Kemba vs. Steph, that ugly Nugs/Wizards ending, Jon “The Tacklebox” Leuer, Power Rankings, and Jordan Crawford.


All that, plus Brent Barry joins us to share some Kobe and Duncan stories.



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NBA Happenings: Dec. 10, 2013

, on December 10, 2013 , 9:35AM

steph curry tall


Shoutout: DeMarcus Cousins sure enjoyed his last Rudy Gay-free night, putting up a monster 32-point, 19-rebound line while leading the Kings to a win over the Mavericks. Derrick Williams also put up 31 points — with no assists, natch — in a showcase of guys who will probably see their games suffer once the new big name shows up.


Not so much: Five points on 2-13 shooting for the entire Washington Wizards bench, which may have somewhat contributed to their not being able to beat a home win against a Ty Lawson-less Nuggets team that scored 75 points.


Old school: You know that ancient saying about playing for the name on the front of the jersey, and not the one on the back? Well, what happens when you don’t have a name on the front of your jersey.



I guess that tackle twill (shoutout to Eastbay catalog for that term) just comes off like nothing. Wouldn’t have necessarily guessed that to be the case, but when it’s a connected cursive script like the Clippers’ is, there are bound to be some weak points along the way. Stick with block letters, potential NBA jersey designers. They’re way stronger.