The Starters TV Clips: Top 10 Plays (Nov. 29-Dec. 5)

, on December 6, 2013 , 4:30PM

Do you like game-winners and cool blocks? Do you like dunks happening and passes being passed with various degrees of fancy? If so, then you’ll love this edition of our top 10 plays of the past week. If not, you should stop watching basketball.


Enjoy it!

Roy Hibbert has a painting of Roy Hibbert hanging above his fireplace

, on December 6, 2013 , 2:45PM


I know you’re thinking it’s pretty silly that Roy Hibbert has a portrait of himself hanging above his fireplace, but Carmelo Anthony has one too, so maybe it’s just standard practice for NBA players to have someone paint their portrait and then to hang it above the mantle. I’ve never sat through a rookie orientation, so there’s a chance they mention this requirement when players are first coming in to the league. I don’t know. It could happen.


Or, I suppose, it could just be one of those things where NBA players have paintings of themselves above the fireplace because they think there could be nothing cooler than a painting of themselves hanging above the fireplace. One of the two.

Fri. Dec. 6: You’re Kidd-ing

, on December 6, 2013 , 1:40PM


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On Friday’s live episode of The Starters, the guys discuss all three of the thrilling blowouts from last night, our favorite players to bring in off the bench, who the NBA’s best fans are and whether or not we should be worrying about the Heat.


All that, plus a few different ways to pronounce the word “pasta.”




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Video: Victor Oladipo and Regis Philbin sing a duet

, on December 6, 2013 , 10:30AM


This is a very good singing performance by Victor Oladipo — and a pretty solid Clint Eastwood impression by Regis, though I’m not entirely sure that’s what he was going for — but I have to wonder if he can sing any other song besides this one. Don’t get me wrong, he’s great at Bill Withers, but I’d like to hear some variety. Maybe an Aloe Blacc tune or something by Jagged Edge, since those seem to be in his vocal register. Or if he wants to rap the DMX part to his remake of this song. Anything really. Gotta fill up that EP somehow.


(via Patrick Muldowney)

NBA Happenings: Dec. 6, 2013

, on December 6, 2013 , 9:30AM



Shoutout: Any time Joakim Noah has one of those “keeps showing up in a lot of places” games, things turn out well for the Bulls. Going for 17 points, 15 rebounds, three assists, a steal and no turnovers qualifies as a ”keeps showing up in a lot of places” game, so the Bulls beat the Heat. Simple as that.


Not so much: If you add up the margin of defeat for all three games from last night, the evening’s losers dropped three games by a grand total of 70 points. Doesn’t really make for a thrilling night of basketball.


Angries: ‘Twas such a downer night that this was the greatest bit of excitement from all the games.



The most Kevin Garnett confrontation possible — against a foreign player who’s regarded as soft while holding his hands up in the air like he didn’t do anything, both of which are vintage Garnett moves — followed by Andrea Bargnani, of all people, being ejected for trash talking in Italian. Like I said, weird night.