Video: Shirtless flexing Martell Webster videobombs John Wall interview

, on December 2, 2013 , 4:30PM


I thought videobombing had jumped the shark when Chris Bosh threw a towel at LeBron James, but I was wrong. Then I thought it jumped the shark when Mario Chalmers sprayed stuff on Bosh’s neck, but nope. And then again, I thought it was over when Dwyane Wade did a cartwheel behind LeBron. Basically, there have been signs all season long that videobombing has finally past its prime.


But then I saw Martell Webster flexing his well-earned muscles for way too long, and that’s when I knew it was really done. Because once someone tries this hard and can’t even get a laugh out of a group of reporters or the player they’re videobombing, that’s when you know it has reached its peak and is now on the downswing. And that’s exactly why Martell has to awkwardly skulk off.


So let’s just leave this sort of thing to Chris Bosh. He might not have invented the videobomb, but he’s more than perfected it in the professional sports realm, so just let him have it. Besides, it’s more special if he’s the only one doing it. It’ll be like waiting for a comet to come around, only way more funny and probably with its tongue out.


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Here are Jared Sullinger and Trey Burke playing video games together as kids

, on December 2, 2013 , 2:45PM

jared sullinger and trey burke playing video games


This picture has been kicking around the internet for a couple years now, but since they’re both in the NBA now and it just showed up on Reddit this morning, I feel like it’s fresh enough for us to enjoy again for the first time. And just to clear things up, since this is such an old picture that it was probably taken on film, that’s Jared Sullinger on the left in the white shirt. I know it’s hard to tell since he’s changed quite a bit since then, but you’re just going to have to trust me on this one.


But yeah, these two were besties back in the day, so it makes sense that they’d pass time playing video games while sitting on the most 90s comforter imaginable. And it makes even more sense that two more of their friends would relax by pulling fake wrestling moves against each other while the other two were playing video games. This is how you be a kid, even if you do end up in the NBA some day.

Mon. Dec. 2: Winners, Losers, Van

, on December 2, 2013 , 1:28PM


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On Monday’s live episode of The Starters, the guys discuss their NBA weekend winners (Oklahoma City Thunder, Andrew Bynum, the Pacers, Van Earl Wright) and losers (Anthony Davis’ injury, J.J. Redick’s rough weekend, the Wolves’ weird promotion). All that, plus Kobe Watch 2013, Coach Lionel Hollins, a new Pick ‘Em Payoff … and van.




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NBA Happenings: Dec. 2, 2013

, on December 2, 2013 , 9:30AM

kenyon martin stretch


Shoutout: Haha, Kevin Durant. This guy. Going out and notching a hilariously strong line chockfull of 32 points (on 14-21 shooting), 12 assists, 10 rebounds, four steals and four blocks in a win against the Timberwolves, like it’s some sort of turkey sandwich made out of Thanksgiving leftovers, where you just keep piling things on until you’re eating sweet potatoes on some bread. Or something like that.


Not so much: The Knicks wore their orange jerseys at home again, so they lost again. That’s nine straight losses for the Knicks, who are now tied with the Jazz and Bucks for fewest wins in the league, with three.


Fandango: Ooooooooh, Blake Griffin is fancy, y’all.



Cool behind the back pass, but the Clippers lost, mostly because they were playing the Pacers, who have now won seven straight games and sit at 16-1, which just so happens to be the best record in the league. Commas are the best.