Video: The Starters ‘Season So Far’ Review in full

, on December 26, 2013 , 2:30PM


It’s been a good first third-ish of the season, so join us in celebrating all the cool stuff that’s happened so far. We’re talking all the best dunks, game-winning shots and weird stuff we’ve seen in the stands, plus our picks for all the big award winners PLUS our picks for a whole bunch of other questions we made up. Basically, everything.


Enjoy it!

Video: The Starters Xmas Day Special in full

, on December 24, 2013 , 9:30AM


Hey, it’s the holiday season, so here’s a present for you: our entire Christmas Day special online for your viewing pleasure. The highlights, the zingers, the Leigh Ellis opening cards — it’s all there.


So take some time to introduce your entire family to your favorite basketball bros in the world. Hopefully they’ll like it just as much as you do. And if not, well, coal is still an option, if you know what I’m saying. Merry Christmas and enjoy it!

The Starters Xmas Day Special

, on December 23, 2013 , 1:39PM


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On The Starters’ mini-Xmas special, the guys preview the Christmas Day games, countdown the Top 10 assists of the season, and get a visit from Santa-helper, Brent Barry, who comes bearing gifts — specifically an old pack of basketball cards!


Programming note: We’ll be back on Dec. 26th with another holiday special. Happy holidays!




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Programming note: Happy Holidays

, on December 23, 2013 , 10:30AM


You may have realized that it’s Christmas time, which means it’s time for us to take a break. We’ll have a Christmas preview show coming soon, then an end-of-year episode that will play on NBATV a few times until the end of the year — neither of which will be streamed live, FYI. But after that, we’ll be off until January 2, when we return with a vengeance. No posts during that time either, since we’ll all be cozying up with our various loved ones.


So have a good Christmas, enjoy our end of year stuff, then come back January 2 for another year of The Starters. Be safe out there and enjoy it!

The Starters TV Clips: Top 10 plays of the week (Dec. 13-19)

, on December 20, 2013 , 3:30PM


If you like blocks, dunks, game-winners or Damian Lillard, this is going to be your favorite Top 10 Plays of the Week in the history of the lists. If not, well, too bad.


Enjoy it!

Fri. Dec. 20: Oi, Oi, Oy Vey

, on December 20, 2013 , 1:29PM


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On The Starters final daily show of 2013, the guys discuss the fallout from Kobe’s fractured knee, Tiago Splitter’s controversial tip-in, Durant’s unbelievable shooting streak, and much more.


All that, plus a thousand and one Australian references.




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NBA Happenings: Dec. 20, 2013

, on December 20, 2013 , 9:00AM

reggie jackson dunk facing wrong way


Shoutout: Seven seasons in to his NBA career, it’s become quite obvious that when you have Marco Belinelli on your team, you don’t need three sure-fire Hall of Famers. 28 points on 10-16 shooting for Italian Rocky last night, leading the Big Threeless Spurs to a hilarious road victory over the Warriors.


Not so much: Part of the reason the Spurs got that silly win is because Klay Thompson, one half of the Splash Brothers, didn’t do his fair share of splashing. He went just 1-7 from three on his way to a 6-18 night against San Antonio. That’s not enough.


Here it is: The play that won the game for Los Spurs.



Probably offensive goaltending on that play, but as we’ve seen with LeBron James guarding Paul George, it’s apparently uncool for refs to call anything on the final play of a game. Guess that’s just the world we live in these days.


The Starters TV Clips: A tour of Kevin Durant’s restaurant menu

, on December 19, 2013 , 4:10PM


Do you like puns, food and basketball in equal amounts? Hope so, because we’ve got a whole bunch of all that stuff in this little jaunt through the ins and outs of the menu at Kevin Durant’s new restaurant. Tasty.


Enjoy it!

Kanye West ranted about Michael Jordan’s Wizards stint during a concert in Chicago

, on December 19, 2013 , 2:35PM


Usually I am only a moderate fan of auto-tuned sing-song kind-of rapping, but then Kanye West comes along and does an auto-tuned rant about Michael Jordan’s ill-fated stint with the Wizards while in the United Center and now I am 100 percent in. In fact, this just might be my all-time favorite Kanye West song, now that I’m really thinking about it. Sorry “Drive Slow,” but when a Chicagoan legit sings something that every Bulls fan has thought at some point, it’s time for a replacement. Those really were the best years of our life, I too believed I could fly and wanted to be like Mike, so this is officially my new favorite song, full stop. Thank you for speak-singing truth to power, Kanye. Realest stuff he’s ever said.


(Original video via Ryan Corazza, SFW up top)

Thu. Dec. 19: LeBrush

, on December 19, 2013 , 1:28PM


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On Thursday’s live episode of The Starters, the guys discuss whether Paul George was fouled or not, LeBron and Chalmers altercation, Hibbert’s fifth foul, a vintage D-Wade performance, and a few other notes from a busy night in the NBA.


All that, plus we empty The Starters mailbox to answer a few of your questions about potential first-time All-Stars, KD’s new restaurant, and Gilbert Arenas’ comeback.




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